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  • Zur Rolle der Waldvegetation bei der Kennzeichnung von Naturraumeinheiten auf der Grundlage der forstlichen Standortserkundung im Mittelgebirge/Hügelland der DDR. (On the role of forest vegetation in the identification of natural regional units
  • on the basis of forest-related habitat survey in GDR hill country)
  • 1983
  • At the end of the last glacial Poland was covered with an open or rather close pine-birch forest. Four main phases in the history of the environment, human economy and culture are distinguished and described. Human interference into natural
  • 1983
  • The vegetation of the pre-pyrenean limestone mountains is very interesting and characteristic. The present work gives a general idea of the climate and vegetation of one of these chains, the Serra de San Gervàs. The forest borders are studied
  • 1983