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  • Soil formation under meadow and forest vegetation in the alpine region of the Central Caucasus (Elbrus region)
  • The soils of Culbin Forest, Morayshire: their evolution and morphology, with reference to their forestry potential
  • Erosion processes in small forested catchments in Luxembourg in Geographical approaches to fluvial processes.
  • The results of mass pair comparisons of the groundwater flow of small rivers of the southern part of the European territory of the USSR are revealed showing considerable differences in the density of forests covering the basins. The growth
  • of the normal groundwater flow is shown where the forests are dense in comparison with lesser afforestated lands comprising from 4 to 7 mm annually which is 2540 % higher than the flow where the territories lack forests. The minimum of groundwater flow
  • for a number of years grows where there are forests from 0.32 to 1.89 mm annually (428 %). Thus although the water preserving role of forests can be traced in a number of cases as a whole it is small. (Ed.).
  • Regionalizacia geomorfologickych celkov CSSR z hladiska potencialnej erozie lesnej pôdy. (Regional categorization of Czechoslovak geomorphologic units on the basis of a potential erosion of forest soils)
  • Important data on potential erosion of forest soils by running water are summarized in all 177 geomorphological units in Czechoslovakia. The Frevert-Zdrazil method of erosion calculation modified by O. Stehlik is applied. The erosion intensity may
  • Medium-term effects of afforestation on sediment dynamics in a water supply catchment : a mineral magnetic interpretation of reservoir deposits in the Macclesfield Forest, N. W. England
  • catchment. Changes in hydraulic stresses subsequent to road construction and forest development, in association with unstable Pleistocene deposits, may provide an explanation for these events.
  • Relations sols-composition floristique dans les forêts de la Semois ardennaise. (Soils and forest vegetation of the Semois valley (Belgian Ardennes))
  • Three silicicolous forest associations of the Semois valley. The chemical charateristics of the humus layers are compared with special attention to acidity, cationic composition of the exchange complex and exchangeable aluminium content.
  • Causes of late-Atlantic swamp-forest submergence in the central Rhine/Meuse delta in Climatic changes on a yearly to millennial basis.
  • It is argued that the late-Atlantic phase of swamp-forest submergence in the central part of the Rhine/Meuse delta has no direct paleo-climatic significance. The principle cause was adjustment of the river gradient induced by the seaward
  • Les changements du taux d'érosion des sols dans les bassins-versants lacustres peuvent être identifiés à partir des changements des taux d'accumulation sédimentaire dans les lacs. Des sites forestés du Galloway sont comparés avec des sites non
  • forestés. Les bassins versants non forestés ont des taux d'accumulation lents et constants, tandis que les lacs récemment forestés ont des taux d'accumulations qui suivent leur évolution. Au Loch Grannoch le taux d'accumulation sédimentaire va de 0,1 cm
  • Zur Rolle der Waldvegetation bei der Kennzeichnung von Naturraumeinheiten auf der Grundlage der forstlichen Standortserkundung im Mittelgebirge/Hügelland der DDR. (On the role of forest vegetation in the identification of natural regional units
  • on the basis of forest-related habitat survey in GDR hill country)
  • Vegetacion y flora forestal de las Canarias Occidentales
  • La geoeconomia forestal de Huelva y el dilema de sus eucaliptales
  • Tree story biomass in Lowland forests in South Moravia
  • Wüstungen im Pfälzerwald. Das Beispiel Stüterhof. in Beiträge zur Landeskunde des Rhein-Neckar-Raumes.. (Deserted Settlements in Palatian Forest. The example of Stüterhof)
  • Outdoor recreation and its impact upon a boreal forest area Bymarka, Trondheim, Norway
  • Exploitation to integration. The changing relationship between forest management and nature conservation in Britain
  • La frondosas en el primer inventario forestal Nacional. Ano 1980.
  • Moglichkeiten und Grenzen der Landbewirtschaftung in dem agraren Problemgebiet des Mittel-und Südschwarzwaldes Chances and limitations in agriculture in the middle and southern Black Forest problem regions
  • Within the middle and southern Black Forest areas agriculture can hardly be carried out on a profitable basis because of the region's. Many impeding conditions. The introduction of new forms of farm management and cultivation which are profitable
  • The impact of forests on the overland and base flow is considered, and their role in preserving small rivers from pollution and from becoming shallow. It is shown that trees and shrubs prevent the banks from abrasion and erosion, and also exert
  • a positive impact on the temperature of the water. Data on the width of protective belts that are provided along the rivers are presented, the qualitative composition of the flow that is being formed in basins with forests of different density is analyzed
  • . The impact of different species on the volume of the flow and on other elements of the budjet of the basin is estimated. Possible ways of raising the role of forests in preserving rivers are considered in brief. (Ed.).
  • Ecological fire influences on Quercus suber forest ecosystems