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  • Ceskoslovenské pralesy.. (Czechoslovak Virgin Forests)
  • Natural forest, settlement and economical development on Czechoslovak territory. Forest protection policy and the survey of particular forest protected areas. (MS).
  • Acidophilous oak forests in South Sweden
  • La Repoblacion forestal en la provincia de Logrono
  • Human influences on the pine and laurel forests of the Canary Islands
  • Transport for Romania's Carpathian forests : improved accessibility through technological change
  • The opening up of the Romanian forests has involved a number of different transport systems. Technology has been advanced and the problem of inacessible forests has gradually been solved. Many communities were able to expand through the development
  • Aims of regional ecological research in the Bohemian Forest (Sumava)
  • A methodical approach for the cognition and evaluation anthropoecological phenomena in the landscape system for eliminating the possibility of arising ecocritial disturbances. Exemple of the Bohemian Forest Mts. (MS).
  • Pine forests in Poland. Their productivity, distribution and degradation
  • The information on the biomass, productivity and distribution of pine forest is compared to the distribution of air pollution with sulfur.
  • Two mid-Holocene millenia of swamp forest in the Rhine/Meuse deltaic plain
  • The paleoenvironmental evolution of a Dutch deltaic swamp forest area during the mid-Holocene was strongly governed by a general rise of water level (bound to postglacial sea-level rise) and by fluctuations in this water-level rise. A phasing
  • of this 2.000 years period shows alternation of closed swamp forest on the one hand, and (fluvio-) lacustrine environment with swamp forest islands on the other. The refined scale of investigation permits bird's-view landscape reconstructions. These also show
  • A Study of dells in the New Forest, Hampshire, England
  • England ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Hampshire ; New Forest ; Nivation ; Périglaciaire ; Royaume-Uni ; Solifluxion ; Vallon ; Versant
  • Les vallons de la New Forest sont décrits comme des creux perchés en amphithéâtre sur le bord des vallées, seuls ou en groupe sans chenal apparent. En dehors de la solifluxion, hypothèse d'une formation initiale due à la nivation. Les vallons sont
  • comparés aux combes crayeuses du sud de l'Angleterre et aux vallons européens. Une chronologie est proposée pour la New Forest.
  • Lasy i zadrzewienia w ochronie polskiego wybrzeza Ba tyku. (Forests and afforestation in protection of the Polish Baltic coast)
  • In the article the authors characterize constructions for the protection of the Polish Baltic coast and cultivation of forests in the zone adjacent to the coastal belt. In the article the stage of silviculture and reservates in the Baltic
  • voivodships is described. The authors suggest that all forests of the coastal zone with a width, up to 20 km should be recognized as protective forests. (d'après les AA.).
  • During the months of May, June and July, a large sample of necrophageous and carnivorous beetles has been collected in four forests (Belgium, area of Haute-Ardenne, Province of Liège) represented respectively by two beech-grove, an oak plantation
  • and a spruce forest. The 1376 beetles collected belong to six families and 32 species. Thanks to the establishment of a coefficient of similarity, based on the quantitative analysis of the entomocenosis common to the 4 forest habitats, ties of ecological
  • affinity between the different habitats have been cleared. Those coefficients of similarity, put up graphically (entomographics) prove that there exist ties of affinity between the beech forest and the picea forest, the oak forest being separated of those 3
  • A comparison of bunter sandstone scarps in the Black Forest and the Vosges in Landforms and landform evolution in West Germany.
  • This paper concentrates on a description of scarps in two structurally and lithologically comparable areas : the Kniebis area of the Black Forest and the Donon area of the Vosges. Differences in the geomorphodynamics can be attributed to differences
  • Streambank contribution to the sediment budget of a forest stream.
  • The primary aim of this thesis is the construction of a sediment budget for a small forested catchment, special emphasis being given to the contribution of streambank erosion. The study area forms part of the Keuper region of Central Luxemburg. (AIS).
  • Holocene pollen history of the Alta area, an isolated pine forest north of the general pine forest region in Fennoscandia
  • The fossil soils of the eba Bar record three different phases of forest vegetation. The oldest soils developed in oak (climax) forests. An expansion of beech forests took place about 1900 years ago, and the development of pine forests started about
  • Fluvial action and valley development in the central and southern Black Forest during the Late Quaternary in Landforms and landform evolution in West Germany.
  • Aperçu sur les chênaies-hêtraies acidiphiles du Sud de l'Angleterre. L'exemple de la New-Forest
  • New private forests in Scotland : characteristics and contrasts
  • The soviet forest in the 1980 s changing geographical perspectives in Geographical studies on the Soviet Union. Essays in Honor of Chauncy D. Harris.
  • Limnology of a small forest lake near Hanau, Hessia, FR Germany in Shallow lakes environment. (L'environnement des lacs eutrophes)