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  • Preliminary evaluation of the relationships between SPOT-1 HRV data and forest stand parameters
  • Mapping of forested wetland: use of Seasat radar images to complement conventional sources
  • An explanation of enhanced radar backscattering from flooded forests
  • A study of altitudinal zonation in the montane forest belt of Mt. Elgon, Kenya, Uganda
  • A study of the formal structure of J.W. Forrester's urban dynamics model
  • Attraction ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Industrie ; J. W. Forrester ; Logement ; Migration ; Modèle ; Système urbain ; Urban dynamics model ; Ville
  • Les 118 équations de base du modèle de dynamique urbaine de Forrester sont analysées, en les regroupant en matrices structurales qualitatives| les dynamiques endogènes du système ne sont déterminées que par 42 variables sur les 118, dans ce modèle
  • Unsupervised training area selection in forests using a nonparametric distance and spatial information
  • International forest signature workshop.
  • Theory of forest physiographic regionalization
  • Variability of Landsat MSS spectral responses of forests in relation to stand and site characteristics
  • Spectral separability of tropical forest cover classes
  • Zur quantitativen Methode in der Geographie. Forrester's Computersimulationmodell Urban Dynamics: ein Uberblick Méthode quantitative en géographie. Le modèle de simulation Urban Dynamics de Forrester Exposé
  • Analyse de système ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Modèle de Forrester ; Modèle dynamique ; Simulation ; Système ; Système urbain ; Théorie ; Ville
  • Forrester est le premier (en 1969) à avoir simulé un système urbain complexe, dynamique. L'A. se propose d'estimer les résultats d'une telle simulation. Après quelques rappels sur les notions essentielles de la théorie des systèmes comportant des
  • obtained from the forest location survey in the lowland and the medium-scale agricultural location charting, and possibilities of their parallelization for natural zone type charting)
  • The results obtained from forest location survey concerning location mosaics in the Pleistocene area of the GDR are compared with the medium-scale agricultural locating charting with a view to the natural zone type charting to be done at the scale
  • of 1: 100000. Type generation and subtypes of the location mosaic are presented in special consideration of the hierarchy involved in the soil mosaic. The claim for universality of the natural zone types derived from this charting, based on the forest
  • location survey, is discussed in consideration of location dependence of forest field distribution. Proceeding from the contents of units involved, orientating parallelizations are possible between the two chartings.
  • Computer analysis of multitemporal Landsat data for mapping of land-use forest clearcuts and mires. Methodological studies
  • forest clear cutting during the period 1975-1979 using digital multi-temporal LANDSAT imageries are also presented. Another study deals with methods to use digitized map information in the multi-date LANDSAT classification process and methods to select
  • Interpretation of nighttime infrared digital data recorded over Belgium by the heat capacity mapping mission. A. Optical comparison of thermal map-like printouts with soil association and forest maps
  • of the line print and the map and of the lineprint and the Landsat multispectral colour composite by means of B and L Zoom Transfer Scope. A good correlation was found between the thermal image and the distribution pattern of major geographical units. Forests
  • A quantitative relationship between forest growth rates and Thematic Mapper reflectance measurements
  • Evaluation of Landsat and airborne multispectral data and aerial photographs for mapping forest features and phenomena in a part of the Godavari basin in Indian national natural resources management system.
  • Remote sensing forest biomass: an evaluation using high resolution remote sensor data and Loblolly pine plots
  • Eine Forstkarte des Hardtwaldes nordlich Karlsruhe von 1756/57. in Beiträge zur Kartographie.. (A map of the forest Hardtwald north of Karlsruhe from| 1756/57)
  • Conceptualizations relating to the alpine geosystem, forests, hydrology, arctic tundra and the so-called Obergurgl model are analyzed for their usefulness in study processes of significance to mountain environments. - (DWG)
  • AVHRR ; Canada ; Généralités sur la géographie ; NOAA ; Nuage ; Superior National Forest ; Télédétection