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  • Aggregate ; Arid area ; Carbon ; Cultivated land ; Forest ; Land use ; Murcia ; Precipitation ; Semi-arid area ; Soil erosion ; Soil properties ; Spain ; Water erosion
  • and on the type of particles mobilised by erosion under natural rainfall and under different land uses (non-disturbed forested area, and a non-irrigated olive cropland) at plot scale are presented. Labile (particulate organic carbon, POC) and stable (mineral
  • associated organic carbon, MOC) carbon pools were measured in soil and sediments. OC in soil aggregates explained the effect of rainfall on carbon mobilisation. The results showed that OC enrichment ratios were higher in olive than in forest in events of low
  • intensity and that the total eroded OC was higher in olive than in forest in events of high intensity.
  • 2012