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  • China ; Ecosystem ; Forest ; Isotope analysis ; Land use ; Overland flow ; Plateau ; Qinghai ; Runoff ; Sichuan ; Tibet ; Vegetation ; Watershed
  • , soils, streams, and rivers and compared their isotopic signatures. Results indicated that different vegetation types had different capacities for water conservation. Forested vegetation types were best able to regulate surface runoff. Land use changes
  • have dramatically affected water conservation in the study area in the past several decades; if forested land cover existed at the levels present in 1986 or 1974, the ability of the watershed to intercept surface runoff would increase by about 7% and 3
  • 2011
  • [b1] Lab. Forest Ecology and Global Changes, School of Life Science, Univ., Nanjing, Chine
  • [b3] The Institut of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing, Chine