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  • Role of foreign workers in West Germany
  • The status of foreign workers in the Ruhr
  • Hoe buitenlandse arbeiders in Utrecht worden geïsoleerd. (How foreign workers are isolated in Utrecht)
  • Summary of a number of aspects discussed in the inaugural lecture of the author. There is a concentration of foreign workers (gastarbeiders) in the town districts around the CBD. The author investigates the dwelling conditions of the foreigners
  • Low-level work in Japan without foreign workers
  • The web-based recruitment of female foreign domestic workers in Asia
  • Asia ; Female work ; Foreign worker ; House work ; International migration ; Vulnerability ; Woman
  • The decline in foreign-area specialization in geography doctoral work
  • Demographic change ; Foreign worker ; Immigrants ; International migration ; Spain
  • Automation ; Economic growth ; Employment ; Exporting industry ; Firm strategy ; Foreign worker ; Industrialization ; Manpower ; Part-time work ; Taiwan
  • This paper is based on a recent nationwide survey concerning industrial responses to rising labor costs and shortages. Four types of corporate strategies are discussed: the recruitment of part-time workers, the importation of foreign workers
  • Gastarbeiter. Ein europäisches Problem.. (Foreign workers. An European problem)
  • Social networks and regional recruitment of foreign labour : firm recruitment methods and spatial sorting in Denmark
  • Denmark ; Employment ; Firm strategy ; Foreign worker ; Labour ; Local government unit ; Local labour market ; Social network ; Unemployment
  • The paper tests the hypothesis that social networks are crucial for regional recruitment and inflows of foreign labour. Danish municipal data from 1997-2006 reveal spatial sorting since initial shares of employees with a foreign background out
  • of total regional employment predict foreign labour inflow rates to regional employment. Social networks appear crucial for the recruitment and inflows rates to regional employment, suggesting that employee referrals and information about vacancies in local
  • job markets are also important for foreign labour.
  • Reactions to foreign workers in Switzerland: an essay in electoral geography
  • In attempts to account for the spatial variations in voting patterns, geographers assume that these are a reflection of the geographical representation of societal structure. In this paper the voting in two recent Swiss referenda on foreign migrant
  • Gaining access to housing in Germany : the foreign-minority experience
  • Foreigner ; Germany ; Habitability ; Housing ; Housing market ; Housing occupance ; Minority ; Residential mobility
  • Specifically, the AA. examine whether the housing conditions for immigrants improved between 1985 and 1998 despite the greater barriers to upward mobility for low-skill workers arising from industrial restructuring. Regression models are used
  • the housing quality gap between Germans and persons of foreign origin narrowed. The housing conditions of minorities remained poorer.
  • Labour relations at the transition from fordism to postfordism or : why are an increasing number of foreign foreigners employed in the swiss hotel and catering industry today ?
  • Flexibility ; Foreign worker ; Hotel trade ; Labour ; Market regulation ; Post-Fordism ; Switzerland ; Tertiary sector ; Working conditions
  • Cultural studies ; Domestic worker ; Employment ; Foreign worker ; Germany ; Labour market ; Productivity ; Professional qualification ; Wage
  • the more diverse is the group of high-skilled foreigners. For low-skilled foreigners benefits from diversity are also found, but only conditional on the overall size of this group. These results suggest that cultural diversity benefits native workers
  • This paper investigates the effects of this diversity for native employees at the local level, in Ger-many.The higher is high-skilled foreign employment, the higher are local wages and employment levels for natives. These effects are reinforced
  • Catalonia ; Foreign worker ; Illegal work ; Immigrants ; International migration ; Racism ; Social status ; Spain
  • Nigerian indigenisation policy and the manufacturing sector: (with a game frame-work for evaluation)
  • As a result of the indigenisation programme, providers of foreign capital or technology will have increasingly diminishing participation. A gaming exercice attemps to show the long term effects that this will have on the economy. (EMS).
  • Aragón ; Foreign worker ; International migration ; Labour ; Occupational activity ; Professional qualification ; Professional training ; Spain ; Zaragoza
  • This article presents the first results of a research on foreign workers in the province of Zaragoza, carried out in the context of international migration in Europe and Spain. Different aspects are related to the activity of immigrants: the number
  • of workers, the professional skill, segregation within activities and occupations, specialisation according to nationalities and the locational patterns in the province. - (AAG)
  • Economic restructuring and the role of foreign workers in the 1980s: the case of Germany
  • Economic restructuring ; Economic sector ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Foreign worker ; Germany ; Labour ; Local labour market ; Manpower ; Nationality ; Occupational activity ; Post-Fordism
  • Direct investment ; Financing ; Foreign investment ; Impact ; Investment ; Local development ; Poland ; Regional development ; Road infrastructure ; Transport
  • The subject of this book is foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Polish transport sector, in carriage activity, as well as the creation of transport infrastructure. There are three main purposes of the work : (1) better understanding as regards
  • location and a determining of regularities to the distribution, structure and interconnections of enterprises and branches of transport companies with foreign capital invested in Poland after 1990 ; (2) presentation of conditions under which foreign capital
  • has flowed into the Polish transport sector (with particular reference to location factors as regards greenfield investments) ; and (3) determination and evaluation of local and regional consequences of foreign transport investments, including
  • Economic sector ; Ethnic community ; Foreign worker ; Immigrants ; Italy ; Lombardia ; Migratory flow ; Nationality
  • In 2001, 85% of the 340000 foreign people who resided regularly in Lombardy came from third world countries and represented 3,3% of population. They live in the prealpine industrial belt (Senegaleses and North-Africans) and in the southern
  • agricultural belt (Indians and Ghaneses) ; immigrants in tourist service activities. In the towns, among the most important foreign groups, there are Chinese and Egyptians, Philippines, Peruvians and Ecuadorians. Nevertheless Maroccans and Albanians