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  • Energy and urban spatial structure: a review of forecasting research
  • Energie ; Espace ; Espace urbain ; Ghum ; Géographie humaine ; Kantian forecasts ; Leibnizian forecasts ; Lockean forecasts ; Modèle de Lowry ; Méthodologie ; Prévision ; Singerian forecasts ; Structure spatiale
  • This study examines methods of forecasting urban spatial structure from information on energy supply and cost. Five general forecasting approaches are identified, of which four are represented in the literature (Leibnizian forecasts, Lockean
  • forecasts, Kantian forecasts, Singerian forecasts).
  • A regional forecasting model for construction activity
  • This paper presents a new, comprehensive and detailed model of construction activity. The model is intended primarily for forecasting applications. The model generates forecasts of new construction starts for each of the 50 states of the United
  • States. Forecasts are made for 29 types of structures. The paper presents evidence that the structure of the determinants of construction activity varies across regions within the United States. Thus, prior models of construction, based only on national
  • time-series data, may be subject to aggregation bias. Evaluation of the model's forecasts indicates that the model outperforms simpler forecasting methods.
  • Usable science : an assessment of long-term seasonal forecasts amongst farmers in the rural areas of South Africa
  • Agriculture ; Agroclimatology ; Climate ; Forecast ; Rural area ; Seasonal variation ; South Africa
  • The science of long-term climate seasonal forecasts is well developed. While much is done to produce forecasts little has been done to assess their uptake and value particularly for rural farmers in South Africa. A study of North West Province
  • indicated that the constraints placed on developing farmers reduced their usage of forecasts. Suggestions to improve the situation are offered. - (AJC)
  • A Bayesian forecasting approach to constructing regional input-output based employment multipliers
  • Economic structure ; Employment ; Forecast ; Input-output model ; Model ; Multiplicator ; Oklahoma ; Regional economy ; United States of America
  • A Bayesian mixed estimation framework is used to examine the forecast accuracy of alternative closures of an input-output model for the Oklahoma economy. The closures correspond to textbook Type I and Type II multipliers, as well as variations
  • of extended IO and Type IV multipliers. Relative forecast performance of the alternative IO model closures determines which set of multipliers should be used for impact analysis. The exercise reveals differences in forecast accuracy across alternative IO model
  • At the FRONTIERS of weather forecasting
  • A housing stock model for school population forecasting and planning
  • A geographical forecast of the demand for student places
  • On applying logistic models in technological forecasting
  • Forecasting changes in the agricultural structure, three system simulation models
  • Seasonal forecasting of African rainfall : prediction, responses and household food security
  • Africa ; Correlation ; Eastern Africa ; Food security ; Forecast ; Methodology ; Model ; Multivariate analysis ; Precipitation ; Resource management ; Sahel ; Seasonal variation ; South Africa ; Vulnerability
  • This paper reviews recent developments in both climate prediction and the use of climate forecasts with an emphasis on promoting household food security. The process of compiling and distributing seasonal forecasts is outlined. Components
  • of operational seasonal forecasts for Africa (Sahel, East Africa and southern Africa) are examined. The utility of climate forecasts is described against the background of household vulnerability and strategies to cope with food insecurity. Climate forecasts may
  • Revenue forecasting, budget setting and risk
  • Adaptative expectations, the exponentially weighted forecast, and optimal statistical predictors: a revisit
  • Forecasting regional exports: new tests of shift-share techniques
  • Environmental forecasting : a tool for preventive environmental management
  • Environment ; Environmental management ; Forecast;Prediction ; Impact study ; Netherlands (The) ; Pollution ; Scenario
  • processes, and, to prevent new environmental problems, forecasting techniques are needed, which deal with uncertainties. It is a rather long interactive policy exercise.
  • Theoretical and methodological promises of geomorphological forecasting
  • Concept ; Forecast;Prediction ; Geographical information system ; Geomorphology ; Geosystem ; Methodology ; Model ; Statistics
  • The purpose of this paper is to formally outline some fundamental theoretical and methodological promises of geomorphological forecasting. It is shown that there is a conceptual link between field studies of spatial structures and landscape
  • Any regional planning must take into account floods forecasting. However, the problem is complicated by the diversity of forecasting-levels: short term forecasting in real time, to allow evacuation of the threatened population| long term forecasting
  • Hydrological forecasting practices
  • Working group on hydrological forecasting of the commission for hydrology
  • Symposium on multiregional forecasting and policy stimulation models
  • Chicago, novembre 1978 ; Congrès ; Economie régionale ; Econométrie ; Géographie humaine ; Modèle multirégional ; Modélisation ; Simulation ; Symposium on multiregional forecasting
  • Forecasting provincial business indicator variables and forecast evaluation
  • Autoregressive process ; Canada ; Economic indicators ; Economic structure ; Forecast ; Regional economy ; Statistics ; Time series
  • Accuracy of forecasting in a Nordic paper mill's supply chain : a case study
  • Finland ; Forecast ; Industry ; Paper industry ; Research technique ; Supply chain ; Transport cost
  • The article compares the accuracy of forecasted and actual supply chain cost and price factors in a Nordic paper mill's sales to customers in two large European countries. There is a need for more reliable forecasting methods in the paper industry