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  • The fisheries of Seychelles
  • Fishery;Fishing ; Indian Ocean ; Sea fishing ; Seychelles
  • The fisheries of Denmark
  • Denmark ; Fishery;Fishing ; Sea fishing
  • Fishery resources and development policy in Pakistan
  • Development ; Fish ; Fishery;Fishing ; Fishing technique ; Fishing zone ; Halieutic resources ; Pakistan ; Seasonal variation
  • This study assesses the condition of the fishing industry in Pakistan. It briefly reviews the ecological environment of Pakistan's fisheries and describes recent developments in technology and their impact on the catch.
  • Fishing communities and the geography of fishery
  • This paper considers fishing and fishery per se as cultural phenomena. The gyoura, the small-scale unit from which originated most inshore villages, is a subject of research to be found between geography and fishery studies laying the basis
  • for the establishment of a new total science of fishery geography. - (SGA)
  • Fishing space of main fisheries at Choshi fishing port
  • Coastal environment ; Fishery ; Fishery;Fishing ; Fishing area ; Fishing fleet ; Fishing harbour ; Fishing resources ; Japan ; Spatial structure
  • This study intends to explain fishing space of main fisheries at Choshi Fishing Port, which is one of the leading bases for offshore fisheries in Japan. Fishing space consists of fishing grounds, operating sea areas and headquarters of fishing boats
  • Marine fisheries police planning in West Malaysia
  • The roe herring fishery on Canada's west coast
  • British Columbia ; Canada ; Fishery ; Fishing ; Fishing fleet ; Fishing resources ; Resource management
  • Thanks to Japanese imports, high demand for herring roe (eggs) has forced long-range planning of this specialized fishery. Catch quotas and temporal and spatial limitations have reduced pressure on herring stocks to the point of near recovery
  • Development and allocation of fishery in city suburbs-the example of Kaifeng.
  • Physical and human factors favourable and unfavourable to the development of fishery around Kaifeng are identified. The history of growth in fishery is outlined, and the methods for rationalizing the use of water surfaces, the techniques
  • Fishery resources
  • Brunei ; Fish ; Fishery;Fishing ; Fishing zone ; Local market
  • German's fisheries and fish markets
  • Fish product ; Fishery;Fishing ; Germany ; Importation ; Market ; Sea fishing
  • The fisheries and fish trade of India
  • External trade ; Fish product ; Fishery;Fishing ; India ; International trade ; Sea fishing
  • Freshwater fisheries, 1970-1984
  • Production and catches : production in fish-farms, catches in streams and lakes. Fishery products. Consumption and market.
  • The closing of the frontier. A history of the marine fisheries of Southeast Asia c.1850-2000
  • Asia ; Australia ; Burma ; Fish product ; Fishery ; Fishing ; Fishing fleet ; Fishing resources ; Fishing technique ; Historical geography ; Indonesia ; South-Eastern Asia
  • First book on the subject. Divided into 7 chapters. 1. Introduction ; 2. The fisheries of Southeast Asia in the middle of the Nineteenth Century ; 3. State, economy and fisheries to the 1930's ; 4. Catching more with the same technology, 1870s
  • to 1930s ; 5. Technological change and the extension of the frontier of fisheries, 1890s to 1930s ; 6. The great fish race ; 7. The closing of the frontier. Fisheries have brought a severe depletion of marine resources in South-East Asia. The challenge
  • Fishing for nature : the politics of subjectivity and emotion in Scottish inshore fisheries management
  • Applied ecology ; Community ; Conflict ; Emotion ; Fishing ; Inshore fishery ; Livelihood ; Political ecology ; Resource management ; Scotland ; Subjectivity ; United Kingdom
  • This paper explores the relational emergence of subjects, emotions, and socionatures and their consequences for Scottish inshore fishery management. It probes the contradictions emerging from different fishing practices by exploring how
  • the boundaries between subjects and environments are formed, and the consequences for Scottish inshore fisheries management of such boundary un/making. Attending to the way in which subjectivities position fishers differently in relation to their resources
  • and fisheries policies is therefore vital for successful management.
  • Canadian, Mexican and U.S. fisheries : recent developments
  • Canada ; Economy ; Fish product ; Fishery;Fishing ; Mexico ; National economy ; Sea fishing ; United States
  • Fisheries exploitation off Canada's west coast: the effects of national policy in Sixth Pacific Conference, Seoul 1979.
  • Optimum effort and rent distribution in the Gulf of Mexico shrimp fishery
  • Mediterranean fisheries
  • Policy issues of control, dependency and intervention in the North Atlantic fishery
  • The share system in open-access and optimally regulated fisheries