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  • This study compares thermic fields obtained by two different ways. First, remote sensing provides surface temperatures. Second, punctual climatological data recorded at 2 meters above the ground are interpolated. Links between these both fields
  • are shown through correlations and analysis of residues spatial distribution. The study is applied to a vine yard country (Vaucluse area, South of France). - (BJ)
  • This article presents a study of the wind spatial variability. The studied area is the Marne vineyard, where a better knowledge of the wind field can allow an improvement of the frost risk forecast. - (BJ)
  • The study field is at means-Benin and corresponds to the transition climatic zone between subequatorial climate in the south and soudanien climate in the north. The study shows that with pluviometric pejorations started since 1970, soudanien climate
  • conditions also on bioclimatic typology of weather (Błażejczyk 1981). Calendar state example useful and transparent study about wide possibilities of use for man. Bioclimatic calendar can be particularly useful to planning of climatotherapeutical treatments
  • and favourable period's for rest, tourism and recreation. Utilisation of calendar on basis of multiannual series makes up examples of complex climatological study about wide use. They can use ecologists, farmers, foresters, gardeners, employee of individuals
  • The paper presents the original method for assessment the relationships between weather conditions vs. morbidity and mortality. The case of Warsaw population is studied. - (BJ)
  • The paper presents the results of research dealing with climate variability in north west Africa (Maroc). The droughts in the last 30 years of XX century are studied. - (BJ)
  • The aim of this study is a better knowledge of the influences of temperature and pressure on the mortality in Barcelona during the cold months (November-March). Significant negative correlations can be found between temperatures and mortality (total
  • The paper presents the analysis of the variability and tendencies of change (trends) of unfavourable biothermal conditions in Cracow. The study used the diurnal records of air temperature from Cracow in the years 1826-2002. It was concluded
  • The paper presents the ice deposits if the Bihor - Vlădeasa Mountains in terms of their frequency and the probality of this phenomenon's production. There are also care studies concerning the consequences of these deposits on the air conductors
  • We have studied the meteorological drought and the agricultural drought. We note more than 50 % of a deficit years. From the pluviometric limits of these four ranges (moderated year, drought year, very drought and hyper-drought), four maps were
  • The paper concerns of spatial and temporal distribution of repiratory diseases in urbanised areas. Medical data from the period 1993-2000 are used for the agglomeration of Caen. Seasonal variation of aerosanitary conditions is studied. - (BJ)
  • Impact of an anthropogenic climate change scenario on the frequency distribution of temperature and precipitation over France is studied with a numerical simulation calibrated with observed daily data from the synoptic network. - (BJ)
  • Crop models have been used to evaluate the impacts of the climate change on the phenology and the quality of the grapevine Vitis vinifera L. in the French Mediterranean area. The results of the study indicate that the climate change might shorten
  • Past studies about the impacts of climate change in agriculture have mainly considered the possible effects of future climate scenarios for the end of the century. However, the last fifteen years have shown a significant increase of temperature
  • of this study is to document the impact of these fluctuations on the yield of mil crop through sensitivity experiments of a crop model. - (BJ)
  • The study focuses on rainfall changes over South Africa as simulated from the ocean-atmosphere coupled general circulation model ARPEGE/OPA, under the IPCC B2 scenario. Simulations for 1970-1999 are compared with observed data in order to assess
  • Scenarios of the future climate to Congo has support soft use MAGICC / SCENGEN (general circulation model - GCM). However, grids of this model have a resolution too great (5° of latitude x 5° of longitude), while studies of climate change impacts
  • Bouches-du-Rhône ; Climatic data ; Comparative study ; Exceptional event ; France ; Marseille ; Precipitation ; Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur ; Radar ; Rainfall ; Remote sensing
  • The data set of this study is composed by daily precipitation values from 22 stations uniformly distributed within the Greek region ; the time series extend from 1958-2000. The objective is to calculate and to analyse the maximum number of dry
  • The aim of the study is to investigate long-term changes and variability of snow cover in Poland in the 20th century. The investigation involved homogenised data on the snow cover duration and seasonal maximum depth of snow cover from 66