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  • The field super reality : a new approach to study the spatial incertainty on forest maps
  • Field study ; Forests ; Remote sensing ; Uncertainty ; Vegetation map
  • Synergism between multidate optical imaging and ponctual field investigation for the development of a vegetation succession model in the Amazonian forest
  • Amazon Basin ; America ; Field study ; Optical image ; Rain forest ; Remote sensing ; Simulation model ; South America ; Synergism ; Tropical zone ; Vegetation succession ; Venezuela
  • Contribution of the RSO imagery in arid environment: Case study of the Nouakchott area from Mauritania
  • Africa ; Atlantic Ocean ; Mauritania ; Space remote sensing ; Spot ; West Africa ; altitude ; arid environment ; backscattering ; coastal dunes ; field studies ; high resolution ; humidity ; imagery ; landform evolution ; longshore bars ; modern
  • Relationship between the land works and remote sensing for the drought study and its impact in Madagascar
  • Indian Ocean ; Indian Ocean Islands ; Madagascar ; Space remote sensing ; Spot ; classification ; data processing ; degradation ; drought ; field studies ; image analysis ; impact statements ; landform evolution ; landscapes ; reflectance ; terrains
  • Feasibility study : archaeological site detection and geomorphological cartography in Syria by exploitation of ERS-1 RSO and SPOT-2 HRV image integrated in a GIS
  • Asia ; Global Positioning System ; Middle East ; Space remote sensing ; Spot ; Syria ; archaeological sites ; cartography ; data bases ; detection ; exploration ; feasibility studies ; geographic information systems ; imagery ; landscapes
  • Validating the processing results of space images applied to the study of the degradation of sclerophyllous woodlands from Burkina Faso
  • Coral reefs studied in the Reunion Island by multispectral remote sensing
  • Study of the Rif soil degradation (Morocco) : choice of the spatial information and ground data dosage
  • Example of digital processing of auxiliary data as aerial photography : study of the coastal dynamic in relation with the Trou Sans Fond canyon in front to Abidjan harbor (Ivory Coast)
  • The ground references in the initialization and the validation of the aerospace data processing : contribution to the multicriterion environmental studies
  • Using of the ground methods and satellite data for the shoreline dynamic study from the Cotonou town
  • Practical method for the amelioration of classifications for the study of the habitat in the Cotonou town (Benin)
  • Contribution of the RADARSAT-1 RSO data for the study of soil moisture in semi-arid area : involvement for the hydrological modeling