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  • Peralkaline ignimbrite sequences on Mayor Island, New Zealand in Tephra studies.
  • NATO Advanced Study Institute, International
  • Physical process studies in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in Australian physical geography.
  • This review summarizes the results of recent physical process studies in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park established under the GBRMP Act (1975), with emphasis on relationships with the terrestrial environment, hydrodynamics, sediment movement
  • Accessions list of unpublished materials, Melanesian Studies Resource Center, no 1.
  • Subsistence on Bellona Island (Mungiki). A study of the cultural ecology of a Polynesian outlier in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate
  • Application of regional flood frequency analysis to large tropical catchments : a case study in the Sepik Basin, Papua New Guinea
  • The Newcastle urban area 1971: a factor ecological study.
  • Internal migration as an exchange process: a study of Victoria
  • Actual and potential flood damage: a case study for urban Lismore, NSW, Australia
  • A preliminary electron probe study of microchemical variations in desert varnish in western New South Wales, Australia
  • This study seeks to establish whether systematic variations in varnish chemistry occur at a microstratigraphic scale within varnish deposits, and specifically investigates variations in (a) iron and manganese contents and (b) elemental ratios
  • Taking schools to the parks : integrated studies and the educational role of New Zealand national parks in New Zealand national parks.
  • Tourism and regional growth. An empirical study of the alternative growth paths for Hawaii
  • Stable isotope and chemical studies of volcanic exhalations and thermal waters, Rabaul caldera, New Britain, Papua New Guinea
  • The study of landform evolution in the Sydney region: a review
  • Maori land tenure: studies of a changing institution
  • dollar enterprise. This study ranges over such topics as the relations between the Maori and the government in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the individualization of tribal title and its consequences, and the problems of adopting a complex
  • Your own pigs you may not eat: a comparative study of New Guinea societies.
  • cultures. This is a comparative study of thirteen New Guinea societies.
  • Recent morphostratigraphic studies of the Australian Quaternary in Australian physical geography.
  • Management of the New Zealand coastal sand mining industry : some implications of a geomorphic study of the Pakiri coastal sand body
  • Population movement studied at microscale : experience and extrapolation
  • The costs of development are often discussed superficially but seldom evaluated systematically. This book is a valuable case study which looks at one aspect of the problem in relation to the Bougainville copper mine, largest economic enterprise
  • in the Pacific. The aspect studied is compensation for loss of rights to land, plant, access, fish, asumed tranquillity and aesthetic changes to the environment. During 1973-74, the Company paid out over a million dollars in compensation to village landowners