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  • Studying post-colonial change in Harare in Geographical perspectives on development in Southern Africa.
  • Outlines the main components of change and on-going group research in this field.
  • A comparative method for the collection of data based on a combination of literature study and field survey is described, and would be relevant for the research worker studying West African land use. (EMS).
  • Growth cycle, income stream and decision making: a case study of Yoruba smallholders
  • The author has used a field survey and statistical methods to study how a small farmer decides on his farming programme. The age characteristics of a smallholder are important in determining his choice, and technology supplied should be appropriate
  • Fields studies of land use under chitemene shifting cultivation, Zambia
  • Infrared aerial photographs have been combined with field work to study the coastal area East of Port Harcourt. (EMS).
  • A case study of a Mende village in Sierra Leone based on field work undertaken in 1981-3 and 1985 indicates that the rice farmers are themselves innovators and their expertise is often more valuable than that of scientific advisors. - (EMS)
  • Studies of erosion thresholds in semi-arid areas: field measurements of soil loss and infiltration in northen Morocco in Rainfall simulation, runoff and soil erosion.
  • Country case study: Morocco.
  • Country case study: Algeria.
  • The study of vegetation in Africa: a historical review of problems and progress
  • Development studies
  • Climatological study of the recent drought in Africa, 1968-1973
  • Comparative study of the competitive position of South African agriculture
  • Marketing in a developing nation: a case study of household building materials in Tunisia.
  • Fulani pastoralism: Jos case study.
  • Government intervention in food grain markets. An econometric study of Tanzania
  • Review of studies on agricultural production in Nigeria
  • Hydrological studies of a tropical reservoir site, Nigeria
  • Sierra Leone studies : proceedings.
  • University of Birmingham. Centre of West African Studies, Royaume-Uni
  • Migrants and migrant-labour absorption in large and small centres in Swaziland. A comparative study of the towns Manzini and Nhlangano.
  • This is a study of regional inequality. Its objective is to contribute towards a further understanding of the relationships between urbanization, migration and regional development in general and of the role played therein by small towns