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  • , even if they have been trained, are not being appointed to positions being vacated by the retirement of senior specialists. The situation threatens to endanger an important field of specialization in Soviet/East European studies and in geography
  • . The personnel in the field is analyzed and identified in terms of four generations. Any comments, additions, corrections to tabular data, etc., are invited by the authors.
  • Regionalforschung über sozialistische Länder.. (Regional studies on socialist countries)
  • studies on socialist countries within the last 20 years. The comprehensive bibliography (some 600 titles) provides an excellent basis for further research in this field. (EG).
  • A study on the application of infrared color aerial photography in determining drainage condition in sugar cane fields
  • The Dictionary contains about 30,000 terms based on seismic-, gravity-, magnetic-, and electrical-exploration, and geophysical studies in drill-holes. In addition, the Dictionary partly covers terminology from adjacent fields of knowledge: general
  • To clear the geographical point of view in the field on environmental education a frame of definition is discussed and the try is made to show the importance of reduction in the course of the concentration of this science on ecology. On this basis
  • subjects are increasingly integrated in geography resp. that greater parts of geographical studies have been orientated to ecology. In the second part of the paper the position of geographical problems, situations, processes and patterns in the complex
  • field of environmental education is examined. This analysis is to give an impression of the structure of important substances and themes.
  • In this book attention has been paid to the relations between human geography and society and the position of human geography in the field of the social sciences. The second part of this study describes the development of human geography until 1950
  • In Section 1, six papers review and synthesize knowledge of sea-level chronology, coastal forms, and dynamics of nearshore waves, currents and sediments. In section 2, nine papers deal with unpublished or little known field studies of prehistoric
  • Co-operative relations between the Academies of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. and of the GDR in the field of geosciences were concentrated on basic researches in the marginal region of old platforms and on regional-comparative studies of the Eurasian
  • Time-space approaches and regional study
  • Time-space approaches developed for the study of human spatial behavior may be extended for the study of regional spatial organization. Though the two scales are different in terms of their temporal dimension, they also share a few common aspects
  • . The time-space approach for the regional scale may be defined using the same languages as used for the human scale. The time-space approach is useful particularly for the study urban growth.
  • The development of regional studies in Greece
  • Limestone landform studies and their curriculum applications
  • Geosystem as an object of Landscape study in Landscape synthesis.
  • Subject of study in complex physical geography (landscape geography) in Landscape synthesis.
  • Studies on the movement process of industrial plants
  • Marxist approaches to the study of urban politics: divergences among some recent French studies
  • Studi sullo sviluppo: l'esempio dell'università dell'East Anglia
  • Cursus universitaire ; Education ; England ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Norwich ; Recherche ; Royaume-Uni ; School of Development Studies ; Sous-développement ; Université
  • Effectue des études d'aménagement et offre des services de consultant. La School of Development Studies a entrepris un cursus pilote un BA spécialisé sur le développement.
  • The university and the alliance : a study in contradictions
  • Discussion of the contradictions involved in the activities of the geography alliance established at the level of the state and supported by the National Geographical Society : this reform movement is designed to bring the study of geography
  • The utility of models in the study of mountain development and transformation in Transformation of mountain environments.
  • Conceptualizations relating to the alpine geosystem, forests, hydrology, arctic tundra and the so-called Obergurgl model are analyzed for their usefulness in study processes of significance to mountain environments. - (DWG)
  • Processing airborne MSS data for vegetation studies
  • Discusses the need of accurate processing for vegetation studies. A methodology for radiometric and atmospheric corrections is described and successfully applied.-(CB)
  • Some effects of tephra falls on buildings in Tephra studies.
  • NATO Advanced Study Institute, International