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  • in the massif for several decades, study of the permafrost has been under development for only a few years, especially in the rock walls. Many hazards are related to glacier dynamics. Outburst flood from englacial pockets, ice avalanche from warm-based and cold
  • 2012
  • The multidisciplinary investigations described in this paper have focused on 3 rock glaciers, Muragl, Murtèl-Corvatsch and Furggwanghorn in the Swiss Alps, all of which have been subject to a varying degree of prior study, and which are continuing
  • 2012
  • depends on the climatic state, and the response time, indicating how fast a glacier approaches a new equilibrium state after a stepwise change in the climatic forcing. The linear model is used to define and illustrate some concepts relevant to the study
  • 2012