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  • A demonstration of the geomorphological value of radio-controlled aerial vehicle imaging techniques in the study of the Hernád River
  • Airborne images obtained by radio-controlled aerial vehicles provide an alternative way for the environmental and biological researches as well as geomorphological studies. The model airplanes give the possibility for landscape mapping or count
  • field objects, which can't be done with any other methods (or just with bigger efforts and disturbance). The purpose of this article is to provide an example of the geomorphological application of airborne imaging techniques using radio-controlled model
  • airplanes and quadrocopters by the example of the Hernád River study in North-Hungary.
  • 2012
  • intensity was also studied on a model system. CO2 content of the soil was found higher under vegetation patches because of the degradation of organic materials. Dissolution of limestone tablets was greater in the soil than on the surface. Temperature
  • 2012
  • markedly from other clay horizons, and can be considered and applied as marker horizons in correlative studies. This black clay is the product of first appearance of rivers in the region. A detailed granulometric analysis has been performed to refine
  • 2012
  • The AA. studied the evolution of dolines in ground ice environment, in a paleouvala of the Hochschwab Mts. (Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria) as well as in laboratory conditions. They measured the ground ice thickness by geophysical methods
  • 2012