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  • in this study. Field data are analysed regarding snow stratigraphy, snow density, snow hardness and snow temperature. Results reveal mean snow densities for the snowpack of Vestfonna with no apparent spatial or interannual variability. A distinctly higher value
  • 2011
  • This study presents an automated or so-called objective circulation pattern classification for the region of the Svalbard archipelago on the basis of gridded NCEP/NCAR-reanalysis data. Self-organizing maps were set up. After evaluating the results
  • for all clusters, the AA. decided to use 9 circulation patterns for further analysis. They show that the different circulation patterns derived in this study nicely represent seasonal states of the atmosphere. Within seasons, significant deviations
  • of surface air temperature and precipitable water content are associated with the different weather types. The latter fact points to a broad applicability of this circulation pattern classification for studies that address the impact of interannual
  • 2011
  • This study presents the results of benthic foraminiferal analyses of a marine core record from about 100 m water depth in the fjord environment of Isvika bay, Nordaustlandet, Svalbard. These results contribute to the understanding of environmental
  • 2011