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  • Changes in commuting flows in metropolitan areas, Japan : effects of cohort size and female labour
  • Commuting ; Female work ; Japan ; Journey to work ; Longitudinal analysis ; Suburbs ; Town ; Woman
  • The purpose of this study is to consider the changes in commuting flow in the three major metropolitan areas in Japan in terms of cohort size and female labour using longitudinal data on residential, occupational and family careers and cohort
  • Gendered work : female labour in pipfruit production in New Zealand and Chile
  • Chile ; Comparative study ; Employment ; Female work ; Fruit ; Gardening ; Gender difference ; Labour ; New Zealand ; Seasonal work ; Woman
  • As added workers seeking to supplement household incomes by seasonal employment, these female workers are significant contributors to what are often declining household incomes. While there are differences in the respective labour markets of the two
  • Mobilisation and employment of female labour in Malaysia
  • The paper examines the changing pattern of women's work in rural Malaysia. It shows that the selective mobilisation of labour creates an ephemeral urban work force militating against internal rural development. There is a need to view female
  • Profiles in female poverty. A study of five poor working women in Kerala.
  • The web-based recruitment of female foreign domestic workers in Asia
  • Asia ; Female work ; Foreign worker ; House work ; International migration ; Vulnerability ; Woman
  • Female labour migration in South-East Asia : change and continuity
  • involved both legal migration and human smuggling where women were voluntarily smuggled. Once they returned to their places of origin, female migrants faced differing situations. Many returned female workers did not succeed in reintegrating themselves
  • The research focused on female labour migration from four countries in South-East Asia : Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Yunan-China. It covers a sample of 387 female returnees who had migrated internationally for employment. Cases studied
  • Researching female sex work : reflections on geographical exclusion, critical methodologies and useful knowledge
  • Population growth, sex ratios, and women's work on the contemporary Amazon frontier
  • Brazil ; Demographic change ; Demographic structure ; Female work ; Pará ; Peripheral region ; Settlement ; Society
  • Link established between high population growth and low percentage of females in the Brazilian Amazon. Overwhelmingly, it is men who come to seek economic benefit; many of the women who come are prostitutes. In the small town of Parauapebas near
  • Uzemni diferenciace plodnosti zen v Ceskoslovensku a jeji zmeny v prubehu sedmdesatych let. (Territorial differenciation of female fertility in Czechoslovakia and its changes during the seventies)
  • The work presents the regional female fertility during the seventies by help of districts indicators uncharged with differences of age structure. Female fertility of Slovakia has significantly approached to the level of Czech districts. In the areas
  • Globalization, grapes and gender : Women's work in traditional and agro-export production in northern Chile
  • Agribusiness ; Agriculture ; Chile ; Export ; Female work ; Fruit ; Globalization ; Land tenure ; Woman
  • A prism for contemporary capitalism: temporary work as displaced labor as value
  • Capitalism ; Factor of production ; Female work ; Flexibility ; Labour ; Marxism ; Precarious employment
  • Agriculture ; Citrus ; Farm ; Female work ; Spain ; Valencia ; Woman
  • Agriculture ; Female work ; Gender difference ; Labour ; Regional disparities ; Spain ; Statistical data ; Woman
  • Family structure ; Female work ; Industrialization ; Labour market ; Rural area ; Rural industry ; Spain ; Woman ; Working conditions
  • Flexibility, gender and part-time work : evidence from a survey of the economically active
  • England ; Female work ; Labour ; Local labour market ; Part-time work ; Southampton ; United Kingdom ; Woman
  • Humanising the cut flower chain : confronting the realities of flower production for workers in Kenya
  • Female work ; Gardening ; Kenya ; Marketing ; Supplying ; Woman ; Working conditions
  • Bridging social networks and female labor-force participation in a multiethnic metropolis
  • Cultural studies ; Employment ; Ethnic community ; Family structure ; Female work ; Human capital ; Labour market ; Multivariate analysis ; Social network ; United States of America ; Woman
  • Do regions matter? Regional differences in female labour-market participation in Germany
  • Age group ; Economic indicators ; Economic structure ; Family ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Female work ; Germany ; Labour ; Labour market ; Regional disparities ; Woman
  • From work to welfare : the response of the Peruvian state to the feminization of emergency work
  • Employment ; Employment policy ; Female work ; Peru ; Poverty ; State control ; Welfare state ; Woman
  • The paper explores the ways in which the convergence of economic crises and gendered processes of globalization have created a new role for states and new scenarios for women's paid work. It examines the feminization of state-backed employment
  • programmes in Peru. The relationship between feminization and the state is analyzed. The contradictory conceptualization of work embodied in state-backed initiatives is interrogated. Through empirical archive and interview based research it examines
  • the implications of the move from a rethoric of providing work for men to one that emphasized welfare aid for women.