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  • Globalized fear ? Towards an emotional geopolitics
  • Criminality ; Fear ; Feminism ; Geopolitics ; Globalization ; Policy ; Scale ; Social sciences
  • The paper questions the recent recasting of fear within geopolitics. It identifies a widespread metanarrative, globalized fear, analysis of which lacks grounding and is remote, disembodied and curiously unemotional. Drawing on feminist scholarship
  • , it calls for an emotional geopolitics of fear which connects political processes and everyday emotional topographies in a less hierarchical, more enabling relationship.
  • Public parks and the geography of fear
  • The geography of fear surrounding the use of public parks in Leicester city is investigated. Certain fears are important for specific groups : women, the elderly, and Asian and African-Caribbean people. The spatial outcomes of fear both reflect
  • Where women fear to tread : images of danger and the effects to fear of crime in Singapore
  • The conquering of climate : discourses of fear and their dissolution
  • Fear and loathing in the San Juan Islands : endangered orcas and the legitimacy of environmental law
  • This article analyses fear and loathing in the San Juan Islands through the example of endangered orcas and the legitimacy of environmental law. It suggests that significant component of the opposition to these regulations stemmed from a widespread
  • distrust and fear of the federal government. Given the arguable need for robust state action to protect the environment, on the sea as well as on land, these ambient fears are significant, and pose notable obstacles to the legitimacy of environmental law.
  • On-line dangers ? : geographies of parents' fears for children's safety in cyberspace
  • The geography of women's fear
  • Where angels fear to tread ? Mapping women and men in India
  • We want the forest, yet fear the Spirits: culture and change in Western Samoa
  • Gendered exclusions : women's fear of violence and changing relations to space
  • Behaviour ; Criminality ; Fear of violence ; Gender ; Isolation ; Marginality ; Perception ; Public space ; Qualitative method ; Spatial exclusion ; Urban area ; Vulnerability ; Woman
  • Addressing fear of crime in public space : gender differences in reaction to safety measures in train transit
  • Chicago ; Criminality ; Fear ; Gender difference ; Illinois ; Perception ; Public space ; Security ; United States of America ; Urban transport
  • Mineralogical indicators of alluvial sediment sources in the Cape Fear River basin, North Carolina
  • This study examines recent floodplain deposits throughout the Cape Fear River basin in North Carolina to address downstream changes in mineralogy and the signature of alluvium from Piedmont and Coastal Plain sources. The results indicate
  • Fear of crime : beyond a geography of deviance
  • Soil erosion in developing countries: where geomorphology fears to tread!
  • Agents of power, landscapes of fear: the vampires and heart thieves of Madagascar
  • Social geographies of women's fear of crime
  • Feeding fears : competing discourses of interdependency, sovereignty, and China's food security
  • Claiming space and community : rural women's strategies for living with, and beyond, fear
  • I don't relax until I'm home - Women's fear of violent crime in public space in Cork
  • Old age and ageism in urban research: the case of fear of crime