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  • Ujabb oldenburgi gerinces fauna a Bükk-hegy ségbol New Oldenburg vertebrate fauna from the Bükk Mountains
  • To achieve more proportionate divisions it was grouped with the Upper Pleistocene. The fauna can be roughly correlated with the Castellum phase. - (DLO)
  • Late Cretacesus climatic trends, fauna, and hydrography in Britain and Ireland
  • Fauna of the Polish Tatra mountains
  • Biogeography ; Biotope ; Fauna ; Mountain ; Poland ; Tatra Mountains
  • The present fauna of the Tatra includes more than 20 subspecies and one species endemic to the Tatra; over 20 endemic to the Carpathians; 12 glacial relics; and two Tertiary relics. More than 75 % of Tatra vertebrates are placed under protection
  • The importance of edges for the spider and beetle fauna of a pasture
  • Soil fauna in the vicinity of Ghent.
  • Age constraints on the Duck Ponds and Limeburner's Point mammalian faunas based on magnetic polarity stratigraphy in the Geelong Area (Victoria), Australia
  • Australia ; Biostratigraphy ; Fossil fauna ; Palaeomagnetism ; Pleistocene ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy ; Victoria
  • This study reports on the magnetic polarity stratigraphy developed in the Geelong area and the age of the Duck Ponds and Limeburner's Point local faunas. These age determinations enhance the biostratigraphic importance of both local faunas
  • A Duna-Tisza kozi tozeges tavak fejlodéstorténete Mollusca-fauna vizsgalatok alapjan. (Evolution of peat lakes in the Danube-Tisza Interfluve based on investigation of their mollusc fauna)
  • The palaeo-environments of three typical lakes on the Danube-Tisza Interfluve are reconstructed, one in a fluvial environment and two on eolian terrain. The evaluation of rich mollusc faunas led to the formulation of the general laws of evolution
  • Permo-Triassic continental deposits and vertebrate faunas of China in Gondwana Five. Selected papers and abstracts of papers.
  • This paper deals chiefly with the Permo-Triassic continental succession in China, with six vertebrate horizons or faunas and their relationship with corresponding faunas in the other parts of the world, discussion on the ages of the various faunas
  • A review on the eco-geography of soil fauna in China
  • Biodiversity ; Biological indicator ; China ; Climatic warming ; Ecogeography ; Ecosystem ; Fauna ; Global change ; Organic materials ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Taxonomy
  • Biodiversidad ; Bioindicador ; Cambio global ; China ; Ecogeografía ; Ecosistema ; Fauna ; Materia orgánica ; Propiedades del suelo ; Recalentamiento climático ; Suelo ; Taxonomía
  • This review summarizes main research findings in soil fauna eco-geography in China in the past 30 years. The subject areas and main results were overviewed including biodiversity and eco-geological distribution of soil fauna communities. Finally
  • , the AA. pointed out common interests in soil fauna eco-geographical studies, which include application of molecule biology into soil fauna taxa; function and mechanism of soil fauna community diversity; interaction between aboveground and belowground
  • ecosystems; effects of disturbance, pollution, biological invasion, and global change on soil fauna community and function.
  • History of the Hungarian Holocene mollusc fauna
  • . The Quaternary mollusc fauna is not only suitable for palaeoecological reconstructions but it helps in the stratigraphical division of the sequences.
  • Europe ; Fauna ; Fish ; Zoogeography
  • The main aim of the zoogeographical analysis was done to assess the distribution of the fauna of fish and lampreys on the basis of species richness. The richness of the fauna was defined by way of statistical analysis of the number of species
  • A preliminary report of wild bee fauna on Mt. Usu
  • The bee fauna was surveyed on and around Mt. Usu in 1984, six years after the 1977-78 eruptions of this volcano which has caused faunal and vegetational damage especially around the mountaintop area. In total 46 species of 6 families were obtained
  • The littorinid fauna of the Belgian coast (Mollusca, Gastropoda)
  • During an intensive survey of the littorinid fauna of the Belgian coast, five species were recorded alive, viz. Littorina littorea, L. saxatilis, L. obtusata, L. mariae and L. neglecta. The latter two of these are new to the Belgian fauna
  • Zur pleistozänen Fauna aus den Höhlen der Attendorn-Elsper Doppelmulde
  • Cave ; Fauna ; Fossil fauna ; Germany ; North Rhine Westfalia ; Palaeoclimate ; Palaeontology ; Palaeozoology ; Pleistocene
  • Mid-Pleistocene change in large mammal faunas of East Africa
  • Dating ; Fauna ; Fossil fauna ; K/Ar dating ; Kenya ; Mammal ; Pleistocene ; Quaternary ; Rift ; Taxonomy
  • A preliminary report of changing Quaternary mammal faunas in subalpine New Guinea
  • Ecological niche ; Fauna ; Geochemistry ; Mammal ; Mountain ; Palaeo-environment ; Palynology ; Papua New Guinea ; Pollen diagram ; Quaternary ; Sedimentology ; Stratigraphy
  • Preliminary description of several sites of fossil bone accumulation in the central mountains in the west of the island, at elevations higher than any previously known. The environmental settings of the faunas are interpreted with help from some
  • Fauna und Palokologie des marinen Mitteloligozänes der Leipziger Tieflandsbucht. (Fauna and paleoecology of the marine Middle Oligocene in Leipzig Bight)
  • The Quaternary faunas and climatic fluctuation in the tropical zone of China
  • About 70 examples of Quaternary fauna in China's tropics are enumerated in this paper. Of which about 40% of the examples can be found even in cooling stages, showing the smaller amplitude of climatic fluctuation during Quaternary. According
  • to the temporal and spatial distribution of tropical faunas, the following characteristics of climate variation can be evidenced : 2 main cycles in Early Pleistocene, 3 main cycles in Middle Pleistocene, 2 main cycles in Early Pleistocene, 2 main cycles in Late
  • Preliminary investigation of a late Wisconsinan fauna from K1 cave, Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii), Canada
  • British Columbia ; Canada ; Cave ; Fossil fauna ; Mammal ; Palaeobiogeography ; Quaternary ; Wisconsinan
  • Recent investigations of a limestone solution cave in Haida Gwaii have yielded skeletal remains of fauna including late Pleistocene and early Holocene bears. One specimen of which dates to ca. 14,400 C 14 yr B.P. This new fossil evidence sheds light
  • Planktonic foraminiferal fauna associated with eastern Mediterranean Quaternary stagnations
  • La fauna quaternaria di Sedia del Diavolo (Roma)