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  • Structure of the rural population incomes in Poland before and after the accession to the European Union
  • Common agricultural policy ; European integration ; Income ; Poland ; Rural population
  • In the period of transformation significant changes in the structure of income sources of population in Poland have been observed. The most important ones are a fall in the share of salaries and an increased role of social transfers as a main source
  • of incomes, especially visible in rural areas. Accession of Poland to the EU creates through Common Agricultural Policy and regional new possibilities for overcoming income problems troubling rural population, but authors argue that during the first years
  • of membership there will be no significant changes in the rural population's income structure. - (BJ)
  • Denmark ; Development ; Employment ; Income ; Rural area ; Rural population
  • Danish rural areas comprise 15% of the population and the bulk of agricultural production. Compared with urban areas, rural areas have generally been lacking a little behind in terms of employment, population and income levels in recent decades
  • measures should use a multifunctional approach which incorporates the competitiveness of the agrifood sector, rural infrastructure and non-farm income sources and measures enhancing labour mobility. The EU accession is a chance for rural areas. However