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  • De dynamiek van de regionale inkomensontwikkeling in Nederland sinds 1960. (The dynamics of regional income distribution in the Netherlands since 1960)
  • This study consists of two parts. In the first part the focus is upon (1) the measurement of regional income inequalities, (2) the nature of the income distribution within the regions and (3) the changing structure of the regional pattern of income
  • 1982
  • Analysis of the problem of a balanced population composition in the great urban agglomerations. In the seventies there is a trend towards more one person households, more people with low incomes and a growing percentage of ethnic minorities
  • in the central parts of the cities. On the other side high income groups migrate to the suburbs and the rural areas. Much attention is paid to the negative effects of the unbalanced urban growth of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, and to the means
  • 1982
  • The development of Siberian regions: economic profiles income flows and strategies for growth
  • 1982
  • The factors analysis of Georgia is based on 22 coefficients of social-economic development. Main important factors, of urban industrial complexes, agronomical complexes and other incomes of population, define 6 fundamental regional types and 4
  • 1982