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  • Council house allocation and tenant incomes
  • Allocation ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Logement social ; Revenu familial ; Royaume-Uni ; Ségrégation ; Ville moyenne
  • Regional income disparity in the Netherlands. An analytical survey and outline model of developments between 1950 and 1975
  • Analyse de régression ; Analyse statistique ; Disparités régionales ; Ghum ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Indicateur économique ; Niveau de vie ; Pays-Bas ; Planification régionale ; Retraités ; Revenu du capital ; Revenu familial ; Revenu per capita
  • Regional income disparity is a major indicator for regional-policy makers. Two things are important to know in that respect: first, the magnitude of differences in regional income, and, secondly, the factors determining those differences. To measure
  • regional income disparity we have used a three-tier hierarchy with at the top either the eleven provinces or seven non-contiguous functional zones. On all four regional levels our calculations show that the disparity in personal income by head of population
  • significant determinants of the differences in regional personal income. Some of these factors were shown to be closely associated with the level of urbanization.
  • Competition in the private-rented sector: students and low-income families in Brighton, Sussex
  • The changing distribution of low income households in the British urban system
  • Géographie de l'Europe ; Niveau de vie ; Pauvreté ; Revenu familial ; Royaume-Uni ; Répartition de la population ; Ville-campagne
  • Analyse des résultats sur les revenus des ménages provenant de l'inventaire sur les dépenses des ménages (Family Expenditive Survey) montre qu'au début des années 50, les familles à faibles revenus résidaient plus souvent à la campagne que dans les
  • Socio-tenurial polarization in the United Kingdom, 1953-83: the income evidence
  • Enquête ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Occupation du logement ; Politique du logement ; Revenu familial ; Royaume-Uni ; Structure sociale
  • The number of children affects both the costs and the resources of a family. On one hand, family allowances increase the income earned by the parents| on the other, the maintenance of the children directly affects expenditure| finally, income tax
  • Conséquences de la réforme du financement du logement sur l'accession à la maison individuelle en Ile-de-France = Consequences of the home financing reform on the acquisition of single-family dwellings in the Ile-de-France Region
  • introduces improvements to the system of loan grants and extends the possibilities of home ownership, and the availability of assisted loans to the building industry as a whole. It has brought undeniable financial relief to low income households, but only
  • De dynamiek van de regionale inkomensontwikkeling in Nederland sinds 1960. (The dynamics of regional income distribution in the Netherlands since 1960)
  • This study consists of two parts. In the first part the focus is upon (1) the measurement of regional income inequalities, (2) the nature of the income distribution within the regions and (3) the changing structure of the regional pattern of income
  • Overall economic indices. Gross domestic product and national income in Yugoslavia, 1984-1988
  • The Impact of urban-industrial development on agricultural incomes and productivity in Finland
  • Overall economic indices. Gross domestic product and national income in Yugoslavia, 1980-1984
  • Za energoem kostta na nacionalniia dohod v evropejsrite strani Energy consumption per unit of national income in the European countries
  • The differences and changes in energy consumption per national income unit is studied for the European socialist and some capitalist countries on 1971-86 data. The techniques of graphic correlation, elasticity coefficient and calculation
  • Social security benefits and interregional income inequalities. The case of Netherlands
  • Regional, urban and rural components of income inequality in Yugoslavia
  • Long-term structural trends and problems in employment and income distribution. The case of Austria
  • Rural incomes in Rural deprivation and planning.
  • Gross domestic product and national income in Yugoslavia, 1975-1981
  • Evolution of personal income distribution over town and country in Recherches de géographie rurale. Hommage au Professeur Frans Dussart.
  • A local income and employment multiplier analysis of a proposed nuclear power station development at Hinkley Point in Somerset
  • Regional income convergence in Greece : some policy implications