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  • Factors causing income concentration in Nepal (a case study of eighteen urban centres)
  • Disparité économique ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Inégalité sociale ; Méthodologie ; Niveau de vie ; Népal ; Revenu familial ; Ville
  • Types of agricultural income in the Southwestern part of the Tokyo metropolitan region. The case of Kanagawa Prefecture
  • The most important changes in the agriculture and agriculture output during the period 1960-1985 are described in the 19 cities, 17 towns and the only village of Kanagawa prefecture. Types of agricultural income seem to have been shaped
  • The cheque's in the mail : the distribution of dependence on overseas sources of income in the Philippines
  • Private production and income distribution in a chimere commune
  • Rural agrarian employment and land relationship and income inequality in India in Rural development.
  • Income distribution, taxation and social benefits of Singapore
  • The low-income housing system in Bangkok
  • Socio-economic variables as alternatives to income in measuring regional economic welfare - the Israeli case
  • The absorption of low income groups in Ankara
  • Upgrading of low-income, residential areas in Jakarta and Manila in Urban planning practice in developing countries.
  • The interregional impacts of improved truck transportation on farm income from rice in Thailand
  • An important new study focusing on the problems of inequality of landownership and income distribution and calling for a wider distribution of productive assets as an essential component of development strategy. There are 11 research studies
  • Impact of small farmers credit program on farm output net income and adoption of new methods in Nepal
  • This paper reviews policies and approaches of rural development that have been developed and persued during the last 30 years in Bangladesh. A growing population living in an agricultural economy need resources, employment and income. At an early
  • In this report, the author judiciously chooses a modest portion of the many interactions among price policies, measures key production, consumption, employment and nutrition relationships, analyses their effects on various income and draws
  • The boundary dispute between Ohmuta (Fukuoka Prefecture) and Arao (Kumamoto Prefecture) is one of the typical disputes on the reclaimed land, where each administrative unit anticipates receiving tax income. (SGA).
  • . Varied levels of perception depends on occupation income and educational levels of the public. Mass media seems to be responsible for the wide spread awareness about the plant. - (PLK)
  • Potential impact of desirable changes in relation to productivity and income in hill farming systems in Nepal's experience in hill agricultural development.