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  • Farm ; Household ; Income ; Poland ; Post-communism ; Privatisation ; Spatial differentiation ; Years 1990-99
  • The low level of income among farming families triggered a lively interest in the subject of the activity and sources of income in farm households. The work described here has sought to determine the main changes in income levels and structures
  • within the population associated with farms in Poland after 1990. Use of the Agricultural Census of 2002 in turn allowed for an illustration of the spatial differentiation to kinds of activity and sources of income wthin the population on private (family
  • in agriculture fell in comparison with those in other economic sectors, thereby exerting a major impact in reducing output and farm incomes. - (BJ)
  • The political changes in Poland taking place after 1989 have started a number of processes in Polish agriculture. Contribution of agriculture to national income has been decreasing from 12.2 % in 1989 to 2.7 % in 2003. State farms possessed in 1989