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  • Factorial ecology and the South African city: some problems and prospects
  • The factorial ecology approach to urban analysis has recently been subject to widespread criticism. These criticisms have focussed both on the conceptual foundation of factorial ecology and on the application of factorial techniques to problems
  • Factorial ecology in space and time
  • A gender-sensitive urban factorial ecology: male, female, grouped, and gendered social spaces in Saskatoon
  • Canada ; Factorial ecology ; Gender difference ; Multivariate analysis ; Social space ; Urban district ; Urban structure
  • Factorial ecology ; Honshu ; Inner city ; Japan ; Residential location ; Urban ecology ; Urban structure
  • Sendai City has continously developed as the most important administrative and economical center in the Tohoku region since the Meiji Restoration. Using the population census of 1970 and 1985, thirty four attributes are selected. Factorial
  • ecological analyses are performed for both years. Then the spatial patterns of the attributes which have remarkable loading on each factor are examined. - (KA)
  • Factorial ecology of Calcutta (1981) revisited
  • The analysis of multiple tables in factorial ecology. III. Three-mode principal component analysis : Analyse triadique complète
  • A factorial model of aggregate spatio-temporal behavior: application to the diurnal cycle
  • Factorial ecology ; Space time ; Spatial behaviour ; Spatial competition ; Spatial structure ; Urban area ; Urban dynamics ; Urban migration
  • T-P Graphs, space-time and an experimental city: an extension of urban factorial ecologies
  • Factorial ecology versus cluster analysis: the intra-urban residential structure of the city of Hamburg
  • Ecologie urbaine factorielle comparée: essai méthodologique et application à Strasbourg. in Analyse spatiale: nouvelles orientations. (Comparative urban factorial ecology: methodological essay and application on Strasbourg)
  • A regional typology of residential areas of Bratislava is made using cluster analysis, multiple discriminant analysis and the scores of four basic dimensions taken from the factorial ecology study of the city. Seven regional types of residential
  • Geographers have made great use of the factorial ecology method in recent years. The method is subject to three major technical criticisms, however, concerned with autocorrelation, closed number sets, and standardisation. To circumvent
  • Factorial ecology ; Former USSR ; Industrial region ; New town ; Russia ; Urban administration ; Urban ecology ; Urban environment ; Urban planning
  • Concept ; Factorial ecology ; France ; Segregation ; Urban area ; Urban ecology ; Urban geography ; Urban structure
  • Cartographic display ; Elderly people ; Enquiry ; Factorial ecology ; Health ; Luxembourg ; Methodology ; Urban area
  • Ecología factorial ; Encuesta ; Espacio urbano ; Metodología ; Personas de edad ; Representación cartográfica ; Salud
  • Australia ; Comparative study ; Factorial ecology ; Model ; Public transport ; Trip ; United States ; Urban migration ; Urban structure ; Urban traffic ; Urban transport
  • Castilla-La Mancha ; City;Town ; Factorial ecology ; Residential segregation ; Social segregation ; Spain ; Spatial differentiation ; Urban development ; Urban growth ; Urban segregation
  • Brittany ; City perception ; District ; Factorial ecology ; France ; Housing policy ; Rennes ; Segregation ; Urban area ; Urban model ; Urban structure
  • An attempt was made to investigate some aspects of the internal structure of Bratislava within the conceptual framework of factorial ecology, using data from the 1980 Census. Special attention is given to both the interpretation of the basic