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  • Linguistic legislation and ethnic enrollment in Montreal's French public schools in Monitoring Canada's French connection.
  • The A. argues that the integration of allophone immigrant children into the French-language educational system has enhanced French as the language of Québec, but that this will probably result in diluting Québécois cultural identity in the future
  • A selected French bibliography on the geography of Cyprus
  • Commentary on French urbanization
  • French urban trends in a broader context
  • French immersion programs : new identities and recurring concerns in Monitoring Canada's French connection.
  • Rediscovering the French Canadian diaspora : a personal testimony in Monitoring Canada's French connection.
  • English and French agriculture in the late eighteenth century
  • The development of French new towns: an assessment of progress
  • French geographies of today in The best of Antipode 1969-1985.
  • The French Riviera as elitist space
  • Quaternary glaciations in the French Massif Central in Quaternary glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Taming the « sauvage » : French greenery and French values
  • Mapping the French Empire in North America. An interpretive guide to the exhibition mounted at the Newberry Library on the occasion of the seventeenth annual conference of the French colonial historical Society
  • The Louisiana-French homeland
  • Coalescence of the Lousiana French into a geographically identifiable homeland involved cultural intensification, ethnic persistence, effective landscape imprints, sense of place, and cultural-environmental equilibria. A series of seven maps shows
  • the shifting distribution of the French homeland in Louisiana from the eighteenth century to the present. - (DWG)
  • Ancient shorelines and quaternary vertical movements on Rurutu and Tubai (Austral Isles, French Polynesia)
  • French Polynesia ; Marine quaternary ; Sea level ; Shoreline ; Subsidence ; Vertical displacement
  • Movement mechanisms and slide velocity variations of landslides in varved clays in the French Alps.
  • The A. presents and discusses the results of investigations on landslides in varved clay deposits in the region of La Mure in the French Alps. - (AGD)
  • Use of the linear quadratic approach to study the dynamic policy responses of a non linear model of the French economy
  • Dynamic policy responses of a model of the French economy. Advantage is taken of the linear behavior of the model around a reference trajectory. The linear approximation of the implicit state variable representation is determined by stepwise
  • A state scholarship: the political geography of French international science during the nineteenth century
  • Exploration ; Frenches ; History of geography ; History of sciences ; Internationalization ; Nineteenth Century ; Scientific expedition
  • patronage in the history of other sciences, this essay considers how a powerful, centralized state was able to influence the nature and geographical structure of French international science during the nineteenth century.
  • A French-Canadian education and the persistence of la Franco-américanie in Monitoring Canada's French connection.