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  • Stauchmoränengenese durch die Entwicklung eines Gletscherfusses am Kotlujokull, Südisland. (Push-moraine genesis through the formation of a glacier-foot at the Kotlujokull, South Iceland)
  • The advancement of the lower parts of the glacier-foot into and across the sands of the foreland implies the following genesis of push-moraines: Shoving off a place of sand, folding it and pushing it over the foreland at average rates of up to 7,2
  • Flared slopes are smooth concavities caused by subsurfacemoisture-generated weathering in the scarp-foot zone of hillslopes or boulders. They are well represented in granitic terrains but also developed in other massive materials such as limestone
  • , sandstone, dacite, rhyolite, and basalt, as well as other plutonic rocks. Notches, cliff-foot caves, and swamp slots are congeners of flared slopes. Though a few bedrock flares are conceivably caused by nivation or by a combination of coastal processes, most
  • Population dynamics of a foot-hill sal (Shorea robusta Gaertn. f.) forest in Kumaun Himalaya
  • Temporal and spatial variability of ice-foot morphology
  • Ramblings and human encounters of the A., foot-loose and fancy-free in such places as Peshawar, Saidu Sharif, Swat River Valley and Gilgit, all in Northern Pakistan.―(DWG)
  • Results of field investigations at the northern foot of East Kunlun Mts. as well as the known so far literature data allowed a reconstruction to be made of the history and type of glaciation and deglaciation of this area during the Late Pleistocene
  • that local deglaciation of the investigated foot of the East Kunlun Mts took place early in the Holocene, around 8 000 years BP.
  • The origin and geomorphic implications of cliff-foot recesses and tafoni on limestone hamadas in the Northwest Sahara
  • The ice foot complex: its morphology, formation and role in sediment transport and shoreline protection
  • Ice-foot processes. Observations of erosion on a rocky coast, Disko, West Greenland
  • communautaire (sociétés locales, rapports interclubs...) qui s'organisent autour des clubs. Ce parti pris de démêler ce système sportif vaudrait tout aussi bien pour les clubs de foot-ball, de basket ou de hand-ball. Mais les AA. mettent bien en évidence la
  • situation hégémonique du rugby par rapport aux autres sports, sa pratique très régionalisée (complémentaire de celle du foot) pour un spectacle nationalisé par les medias. - (MP)
  • Lessons for New Zealand from Britain's foot and mouth epidemic
  • In the area of the Kemijoki drainage basin it has been possible to distinguish altogether 60 formations which fulfil the strictest criterice for inselbergs, i. e. clearness of a foot nick and strepness of hill slopes. Although all disconformities
  • Recounts the 1999 retracing, in a 40-foot dugout canoe, of Friar Pedro de la Concepción's 1699 trip down the Patuca River. The expedition ends at Krausirpi because of logistical reasons, unlike Friar Pedro's which continued overland to the Río Coco
  • On the basis of a heuristic distinction between immanent and external critique, the paper seeks to put the evaluation of bioprospecting in particular, and green developmentalism more generally, on a new cognitive and normative footing. In so doing
  • This paper describes and accounts for the formation of a ridge of unconsolidated sediment located adjacent to the foot of a talus slope in a recently glaciated valley, in southern Iceland. Specific processes associated with the development
  • Non-exchangeable potassium release and its removal in foot-hill soils of North-west Himalayas
  • Soils representing 10 locations and 3 agro-climatic zones of foot-hills of north-west Himalayas were studied to assess Non-exchangeable Potassium (NEK) reserves, its release and influence of K-fixing capacity and clay minerals on NEK release
  • Relict talus-foot rock glaciers at Øyberget, Upper Ottadalen, Southern Norway : Schmidt hammer exposure ages and palaeoenvironmental implications
  • Three relict talus-foot rock glaciers at Øyberget, upper Ottadalen, were dated using high-precision Schmidt hammer exposure-age dating (SHD). A SHD calibration curve was constructed for the local banded gneiss using 2 control points : 1) fresh