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  • Field studies of human systems: a cooperative learning field investigation
  • Field trip process is described that helps teachers to guide students to explore and analyze a real human system. - (DWG)
  • Providing a Latin American cultural field experience
  • Evaluation by instructors involved of an interdisciplinary field course to Latin America, including classroom component, field component and logistics.―(DWG)
  • The use of magnetic field excursions in stratigraphy
  • The aim of this essay is to provide an overview of the fundamental concepts involving the identification of excursions and their use in stratigraphy. The AA. will focus on the structure of the geomagnetic field and on the properties of this field
  • Pre-hispanic ridged fields of the Casma Valley, Peru
  • Ridged fields in the Casma Valley on the desert coast of Peru date chiefly to the Late Intermediate Period (circa A. D. 1300 to 1500), although their use might have extended into early colonial times. There are approximately 200 hectares of well
  • -preserved fields, but the original extent might have been as much as 1300 hectares. The remains of incomplete segments of fields indicate a construction sequence. The patterning of the ridged fields was probably derived from local prehistorical irrigated
  • fields.
  • Field trip simulation: developing field skills in a junior high classroom
  • Use of field trip journal simulation in understanding geography among 10-12 year-old students. - (DWG)
  • A note on the vertical distribution of boulder fields in the archipelago of Åland (Ahvenanmaa)
  • Boulder field ; Coastal environment ; Fluvioglacial features ; Periglacial features ; Sea level ; Sedimentary ; Spatial distribution ; Sweden
  • The distribution of boulder fields situated in three different parishes in Åland is discussed. It has been found that the majority of the boulder fields are situated at altitudes that correspond to Ancylus-transgressions and an early Litorina
  • From field notebook to public policy : a role for physical geography
  • Variation, cytogenetics and breeding of the European field elm
  • Sound fields and sonic landscapes in rural environments
  • Geomorphic field experiments. Inventory and prospect
  • Economies of size in US field crop farming
  • Model experiments on mottle formation simulating field conditions
  • The development and role of sunken field agriculture on the peruvian coast
  • Gravity field of Benue Trough, Nigeria
  • Geomagnetic activity and the high latitude magnetic field of the Sun
  • The contribution of Blacks in the field of geographic knowledge and discovery
  • William O. Field and the American Geographical Society: the early years
  • Glaciers and Late Quaternary environments of Alaska:I. Essays in honor of William O. Field
  • Hommage au glaciologue William O. Field, spécialiste de l'Alaska, et biographie.
  • The rate of bedrock weathering by frost action : field measurements and a predictive model
  • Principal results of the field measurements (shattering rate, surface temperature, moisture content, and the physical and strength properties of bedrock) conducted in four rockwall sites of the Japanese Alps, Mt. Ainodake, during 1982-1987
  • . Discussion of the predictive model, which was calibrated using these field data.
  • Kanet settlements of Siwalik Hills in Haryana : a study on field landscape
  • The present field landscape study shows an immense irregularity of shape and highly fragmented nature of cultivated patches, each comprising several fields of Kanet settlements in Behlon village within the Morni Hills of Siwalik range in Haryana
  • Climatological aspects of the coastal wind field at Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban
  • Wind data for the three cities are analyzed to establish the coastal wind field around South Africa. Marked seasonal variability is found. - (AJC)