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  • The demographic explosion: the Latin American experience
  • An extended programming experience
  • International remote sensing experiment : « Telegeo-87-Narew »
  • The present remote sensing experiment―« Telegeo-87-Narew »―has been designed as one in the series of remote sensing experiments scheduled within the programme of cooperation of the Intercosmos Committee. The « Telegeo-87-Narew » experiment which
  • was conducted in Poland (along the Narrew valley) in 1987 was specific in its own way. The general aim of this experiments was to describe, test and evaluate the effectiveness of a complex landbased remote sensing method of examining changes that a geographical
  • Transportation and the experience of travel
  • Population policies and the demographic process : an appraisal of Sri Lankan experience
  • Geomorphic field experiments. Inventory and prospect
  • Geomorphic experiments on hillslopes
  • The communal villages of Mozambique: an experiment in rural socialist transformation
  • Attitudes toward risk: theoretical implications of an experiment in rural India
  • Fertility change in Sri Lanka since the war: an analysis of the experience of different districts
  • Model experiments on mottle formation simulating field conditions
  • The impact of transit investment on housing values: a simulation experiment
  • Financial policy and economic growth. The Lebanese experience.
  • The urban experience of Aborigines: a structural analysis
  • An analysis of industrial closures: Irish experience 1960-1973
  • International experience with National Parks and related reserves: an introduction in International experience with national parks and related reserves.
  • Experiments of fruit and experiments of light: human geography in Australia and New Zealand
  • A field experiment of cusp formation on a coarse clastic beach using a suspended video-camera system
  • Beach cusp ; Coastal environment ; Earth surface processes ; Field experiment ; Japan ; Micromorphology ; Pacific Region ; Photointerpretation
  • Planning for rural development : experiences and alternatives. Cases from Indonesia and Lesotho
  • Beginning from a synopsis of the concept and scope of rural development the study assesses the experiences of the government interventions which aimed at promoting rural development in Indonesia and Lesotho. - (AGD)
  • Issues in institutionalizing on-farm client. Oriented research : a review of experiences from nine national agricultural research systems
  • This paper reviews the experiences of nine national agricultural research systems which have at least five years experience in building on-farm research capacity. Three critical areas of institutionalization are analyzed : integrating on-farm
  • and experiment station research| involving resource-poor farmers in the research process| and developing interdisciplinary research with a systems perspective. - (l'A.).