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  • Magmatic evolution of the northern Antarctic Peninsula in Gondwana Five. Selected papers and abstracts of papers.
  • Antarctic Peninsula ; Antarctique ; Evolution magmatique ; Géographie physique ; Magma ; Tectonique globale ; Volcanisme
  • L'évolution magmatique est étudiée en relation avec l'évolution tectonique globale de la région. Passage d'une tectonique de compression depuis 180 MA à un régime extensif actuellement.
  • Tectonic and magmatic evolution of the eastern Karakoram, India
  • Magmatic and metamorphic events, imprinted in the crystalline rocks of the so-called core mountains inside the Alpine structure of the Inner Carpathians, allow the re-construction of the history of the Rheic Ocean opening, its development and its
  • final closure. All magmatic suites, mafic and felsic, present in the Carpathians core mountains, show similarities to those found in the European Variscan Belt. All described- and dated metamorphic and magmatic events also have equivalents
  • in the evolution of the Caledonian-Variscan Belts of Europe. The Carpathian core-mountains, currently dispersed inside the Alpine mountain chain, can be considered the broken fragments of the eastern prolongation of the Variscan orogenic belts – possibly part
  • C/C and S/S ratios in magmatic gases from ridge volcanism in Afar
  • Evidence for variability of magmatic processes and upper mantle heterogeneity in the axial region of the mid-atlantic ridge near 22 and 36 N
  • Magmatic gases extracted and analysed from ocean floor volcanics
  • Interactions between magmatism and tectonics in Iceland : a review
  • Magmatism and tectonics in Iceland. Special issue
  • Iceland is often assumed to be a good analogue to study the oceanic ridges. This short review highlights strong differences in terms of deformation pattern and magmatism distribution. These differences come from the large magma supply induced
  • and oceanic rift and thus remains the perfect object to analyse the interactions between magmatism and extension.
  • Tholeiitic basalt-rhyolite magmatism and massive sulphide deposits at Matagami, Quebec
  • and consequently to choose the most interesting indications for establishing simple two-dimensional diagrams| accessorily to verify the used terminology. So, for every series a two dimensional diagram is proposed allowing to follow the magmatic evolution during
  • the differentiation. Finally, the evolution of series of the North of Madagascar is also presented in the space defined by three principal axes.
  • to the evolution of etch forms, exploits magmatic, thermal, tectonic and sedimentary bedrock features at various scales, and of greater or lesser antiquity. It is more accurate and appropriate to view etchforms as complex and multistage features, some of which have
  • to shields, the type of the shelf crust exists, as illustrated by Central and Western Europe. The geosynclinal, tectogenetic and magmatic development conditioned by the drift in this shelf crust region is described in outline. The geotectonic events
  • are considered to be part of global processes. The drift stop at the end of the Palaeozoid epoch led to revolutionary changes in the system of global rotation, the major break in the evolution of life at the Permian-Triassic boundary being one of its sequels.
  • Anorogenic magmatism and the Grenvillian Orogeny
  • Metamorphose und Magmatismus in Venn-Stavelot-Massiv, Ardenen. (Metamorphosis and magmatism in the Venn-Stavelot-Massif, Ardennes)
  • A detailed study of granitic rocks round Zaria suggests that they are largely of magmatic origin. (EMS).
  • Evidence of tectonic influence on drainage evolution in an uplifting area: the case of northern Sila (Calabria, Italy)
  • The Sila Massif (Calabria, southern Italy) is a high-standing plateau with a rolling upland surface lying between 1000 and 1900 m. It is underlain by magmatic and metamorphic rocks thrusted over Mesozoic carbonate and terrigenous units. The Sila
  • the local tectonic constrains on the evolution of northern Sila drainage network in the context of the Calabrian Arc uplift. Results indicate that the drainage evolution has been strongly controlled primarily by local tectonics and secondarily by regional
  • Geochemical characteristics of the Eden Lake Complex : evidence for anorogenic magmatism in the Trans-Hudson Orogen
  • Orogenetic geosynclinal and magmatic cycles are controlled by worldwide lateral motions. To the end of herzynian cycle are in the area of Werdau-Hainichen trough and permocarboniferous basins in the northwestern part of CSSR eight or ten changes
  • of tectonic course. In times of dilation and while changes of tectonic direction intruded Hercynian magmatic bodies. (HL).
  • Magmatism and tectonics in Iceland. Special issue
  • The interaction of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge with the North Atlantic Mantle Plume has produced a magmatic plateau centered about Iceland. After a brief review of the tectonics of slow-spreading ridges, the AA. introduce the geological framework
  • According to the regional structural-tectonic and magmatic situation on the territory of the MPR there are three metallogenetic provinces. The mineralizations are essentially bound to the Caledonian, Hercynian and Mesozoic mineralization epochs. (HL).