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  • Evolution of the erosion processes in the Valea Spanilor hydrographic basin from the Transylvanian Plateau
  • The data were obtained on runoff ploto (100 m2) and from the outlet of the V. Spanilor hydrographic basin (206 ha) lying in the northwest of the Transylvanian Plateau. The value of annual erosion varies between 0.39 t. ha-1 and 11.0 t. ha-1
  • Upper layer hydrographic conditions at the Yucatan Strait during May, 1972
  • Gamma synthetic hydrographs
  • Hydrographic investigations in the Iceland and Greenland Seas in late winter 1971-Deep Water Project
  • Experimental investigation of Horton overland flow on tropical hillslopes. 2. Hydraulic characteristics and hillslopes hydrographs
  • Caractéristique hydraulique ; Ecoulement ; Ecoulement superficiel ; Expérimentation ; Géographie physique ; Hydrographe de versant ; Kenya ; Mesure de terrain ; Simulateur de pluie ; Versant ; Versant de colline ; Zone intertropicale
  • Les caractéristiques de l'écoulement sous pluie artificielle ont été mesurées sur des parcelles de 5m de long sur divers types de versants au Kenya. A partir de ces résultats des hydrographes de pente sont calculés en utilisant la méthode
  • Instantaneous unit hydrograph with negative ordinates-possible?
  • Infiltration model in simulated hydrographs
  • Simulation of the inlet hydrograph for urban catchments
  • Temporal variation observed in the hydrographic regime near Cabo Corveiro in the Northwest African upwelling region, February to April 1974
  • Identification of major base flow components from a stream hydrograph
  • Some dimensional considerations in the unit hydrograph theory
  • Effects of spatial variability of hydraulic resistance of runoff hydrographs
  • Unit hydrographs via nonlinear programing
  • Hydrograph peakedness and basin area
  • Karstic spring recession hydrograph and water temperature analysis: Oymapinar Dam Project, Turkey
  • A representation of an instantaneous unit hydrograph from geomorphology
  • Zur Entwicklung von hydrographisch-hydrologischen Ergänzungskarten 1 : 50 000 als Bestandteil eines Naturraum-Typen-Kartenwerkes der DDR (Design of hydrographic-hydrological supplementary maps 1 : 50 000 as part of a map set of natural region types
  • A geomorphoclimatic theory of the instantaneous unit hydrograph
  • Effects of clearfelling and slash-burning on water yield and storm hydrographs in evergreen mixed forests, Western New Zealand in The influence of Man on the hydrological regime with special reference to representative and experimental basins.
  • Flood hydrograph simulation model