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  • Some results of the study of surface erosion simulation of rill erosion, and gully evolution rate. In keeping with the local conditions, at the Perieni station three types of small hydrographic basins, requiring differential application
  • Valtozasok Gyor kornyékének vizrajzaban. (Hydrographical changes in the vicinity of Gyor)
  • . Some of lake depressions and local features of river valleys are due to local structures evolution. The hydrographic net often reflects structure of the glacial complexes.
  • Zastosowanie fotogrametrycznych zdjec naziemnych w badaniach hydrograficznych obszarow wspotczesnie zlodowaconych na przykladzie Islandii in Fotointerpretacja w badaniach polarnych. (Application of photogrammetric ground pictures in hydrographic
  • Morpho-hydrographical changes of the Romanian Black Sea coast line
  • Hidrografski osobennosti i osnovni vodostopanski problemi na Bitolskata opstina. (Hydrographic caractéristics and basic water regulation projects at the community of Bitola)
  • A quantitative estimation of water resources of every 200-meter height belts has been carried out. The structure elements has been estimated by means of analysis of hydrographes. A phase of primary high water and low water level has been established
  • Tide tables, intended for the use by the maritime navigation. Compiled by the Directorate for Watermanagement and Hydraulic Research of Rijkswaterstaat at the request of the Hydrographer of the Royal Netherlands Navy. (AIS).
  • Besides the elaboration of erosion surfaces and the positioning of the hydrographic network, the result of chemical alterations is important in relief building. Evacuation of the running products and denudation of the unaltered rocks are the major
  • an erosion resistant sill behind which a tapering lobe of sediment has accumulated. The morphology of this unique setting is described from recent hydrographic and sidescan sonar data. - (L'A.).
  • Starting from the economic importance and ecologic leading of the Baltic Sea at first a hydrographic characterization of the relative shallow border-sea of the Atlantic Ocean is given. Explained in detail are further at the actual tasks
  • Because of hydrographic peculiarities of the Baltic Sea the ecosystem of this area is especially susceptible to anthropogenic influences. In connection with the increasing bioproductivity and the endangerment of the ecological equilibrium