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  • Relatively little is known about hydrograph (shape, peak flow) influence or the relative importance of chronic and episodic hillslope inputs on channel conditions. To better understand these external drivers, the AA. calculated sediment routing
  • year and an extreme flood hydrograph, and chronic (diffusive, overland flow) or pulse (landslide, debris flow) hillslope sediment supplies. It is shown that depending on the magnitudes of flow hydrograph and sediment supply alterations, climate change
  • 2013
  • Owing to global climate change the frequency of extreme weather and hydrographic situations increased in the last few decades. Among natural hazards river floods threatens most of the territory of Hungary. About one fourth of the country – including
  • 2013
  • . A model of sediment availability and hysteresis was developed. Statistical analysis involved stepwise regression on factor scores. The explanatory variables were attributes of flow, hydrograph peaks, and rainfall, categorized into 5 flow periods. Sediment
  • 2013
  • average stage. It is highlighted how hydrograph variability, climate change, and vegetation disturbance are all relevant for gaging and anticipating the range of impacts of river modification on floodplain forests.
  • 2013