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  • Evaluation de la transformation des hydrographes des grandes crues de l'écoulement et des niveaux d'eau de la Volga inférieure et de son delta
  • Crue ; Delta ; Débit ; Hydrographe ; Niveau de base ; Russie d'Europe ; Volga
  • Mise au point d'un système de paramètres quantitatifs des hydrographes de crues des débits et des niveaux de l'eau sur la Volga inférieure et son delta.
  • 2009
  • , for the 7 flow events, which are representative of the typical range of hydrographs that normally occur during an annual cycle. As a result fluvial erosion is ineffective at higher peak discharges, and depends more on the duration of more moderate discharges
  • typically occur in the late phase of the flow hydrograph, when they may be induced by the cumulative effects of any fluvial erosion.
  • 2009
  • The effects of floods in the Sacramento River basin were investigated by analyzing hydrograph characteristics, estimating event-based sediment discharges and reach erosion/deposition through its bypass system and observing sediment patterns
  • 2009
  • that a single method for slope calculation cannot estimate channel slope at the hydrographic network scale. Nevertheless, a reliable channel slope can be derived from a DTM with an appropriate resolution by choosing a suitable method only after considering
  • 2009
  • 1:50 000-scale hydrographic maps were used to inventory crenological objects in the catchment area of the Odra (Oder) with the result that a total of 2611 such objects were mapped. Of these, 1309 are permanent springs, 568 seepages of filtration
  • 2009
  • Three geomorphological models, based on linear reservoirs cascade, are developed; two of the models are unit hydrograph (UH) models and one contains a non-linear routing approach. In the first UH model, each sub-basin is represented as a cascade
  • 2009