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  • The AA. reconsider features described as neotectonic in origin, especially the correspondence between these features, the distribution and characteristics of seismic activity, and the local morphology (fault scarps, hydrographic markers). The AA
  • by distinguishing them, if possible, from those of long-term morphotectonic evolution, i.e., since the Cretaceous.
  • 2006
  • International Hydrographic Organization is responsible for proper names and delimitation of the water bodies (for example oceans, seas, lakes and rivers) on the international level. It operates as an intergovernmental consultative professional
  • organization on hydrographic field. In 1953, it recognized four oceans and in 2000 five oceans. Slovenia has been its member since 2002 and therefore the country is obliged to respect and to realize all its decisions. But in majority, slovene school books
  • 2006
  • the geomorphic and hydrographic expressions of the Chandigarh and the Janauri active anticlines in the NW India Siwaliks. To investigate the morphological scenario during the folding process, they used spatial imagery, geomorphometric parameters extracted from
  • 2006
  • to estimate a peak discharge and flow hydrograph. Moreover, the Hyaloclastite outburst flood is the oldest documented Quaternary flood and one of the largest to have occurred in the continental USA.
  • 2006
  • This paper presents an analysis of the planform behaviour of the Lower Mississippi River (LMR) using a series of maps and hydrographic surveys covering the period 1765-1975. The analysis highlights the importance of meander geometry, in the form
  • 2006