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  • Analysis of the genesis and evolution of calanco morphology in an experimental area of Paiccia (Radicofani, Siena, Italia)
  • . The genesis seems to be due to the evolution of the rill hydrographic pattern. - (NF)
  • of the calanco morphology, carried out by a series of photographic surveys, have clearly indicated that a calanco is formed by dynamic landforms such as rills, gullies, crowns and mudflows. The analysis of the evolution of these landforms allowed us to identify
  • 2000
  • A typical calanchi landscape on the Eastern Apennine margin (Atri, Central Italy) : geomorphological features and evolution
  • The subject of this research, the calanchi landscape, often generally considered as badlands by non-Italian authors, is, in fact, made up of many singular landforms, each of which (calanco) corresponds to a more or less extended hydrographic unit
  • 2000
  • This paper describes the main characteristics of a gaographical information system designed and implemented to manage hydrographic and fishing resources in a mountain region. A case study, for the But stream basin (located in the North Eastern Italy
  • ), is also described. This GIS, developed with the help of Regional Fishery Agency, gives a new way to manage and resolve problems and underlines how the management of hydrographic and fishing resources can be improved using inovative computerised tools
  • 2000
  • . The benefits of electronic charting are presented as a technological capability aimed at providing the mariner with greater safety margins. Some of the cartographic challenges presently being grappled with and met by the Australian Hydrographic Office's (AHO
  • 2000
  • [b1] Australian Hydrographic Office, 8 Station Street, Wollongong 2500, Australie
  • Celui qui deviendra l'amiral Kolčak, chef des armées blanches après la révolution d'octobre, avait été dans sa jeunesse l'hydrographe de la première expédition océanographique russe, celle du baron de Toll à bord du Zarja, qui longea la côte
  • 2000
  • Application of hydrographic data to the synthetic study of the coastal environment : example of a GIS on the Finistère coastal zone (France)
  • 2000