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  • Evergreen understory dynamics in Coweeta forest, North Carolina
  • Biogeography ; Forest ; Geographical information system ; Human impact ; Land use ; North Carolina ; Scenario ; Twentieth Century ; United States of America ; Vegetation dynamics ; Watershed
  • , expansion, and decline of the evergreen understory. Results indicate that significant expansion of the evergreen-understory occurred in both basins during the period 1976-1993, and that stream proximity, topographic setting, and elevation are related
  • to patterns of evergreen-understory dynamics. Patterns differ between the 2 basins, suggesting that disturbance and differing land-use histories are also influential.
  • Land-use change and the structural dynamics of Pinus kesiya in a hill evergreen forest in Thailand
  • Biogeography ; Forest ; Human impact ; Land use ; Mountain ; Pine ; Thailand ; Vegetation dynamics
  • Air temperature ; Asia ; Carbon dioxide ; Deciduous forest ; Eastern Asia ; Ecosystem ; Evergreen forest ; Flow ; Forest ; Quantitative analysis ; Tropical rain forest
  • The preliminary results of long-term CO2 flux measurements at forest sites in East Asia are explained and compared with each other. The features of seasonal variation of CO2 fluxes are different among deciduous-broadleaf, evergreen-coniferous
  • , deciduous-coniferous and tropical forests in East Asia, and the causes of difference are discussed.
  • Modern pollen-rain characteristics of tall terra firme moist evergreen forest, southern Amazonia
  • Amazon Basin ; Bolivia ; Interannual variability ; Palaeo-ecology ; Palynology ; Pollen ; Quaternary ; Spatial variation ; Taxonomy ; Tropical rain forest ; Tropical zone
  • Here, the AA. present the first modern pollen-rain data for tall terra firme moist evergreen Amazon forest, collected between 1999 and 2001 from artificial pollen traps in Noel Kempff Mercado National Park (NE Bolivia). Spearman's rank correlations
  • Change of stemflow generation due to the succession from Japanese red pine to evergreen oak
  • Forest ; Honshu ; Infiltration ; Japan ; Oak ; Pine ; Plant succession ; Precipitation ; Subsurface flow ; Watershed
  • with the climate change. This paper will discuss factors affecting stemflow generation at the pre- and the middle-stage of the succession from Japanese red pine to evergreen oak, and will clarify the change of the factors due to the progress of the succession
  • Climate ; Cold area ; Conifer ; Ecology ; Evergreen forest ; Forest ; Geomorphology ; Northern hemisphere ; Phytogeography ; Soil ; Taiga ; World
  • conifer forests occupied the modern cool-temperature deciduous broadleaf and mid-temperate conifer forest zones, and temperate coniferous forests, the present warm-temperate evergreen (laurilignosa) forest zone.
  • A vegetation map reconstructed for the Japanese Archipelago (based upon pollen data from 28 sites and plant macrofossil data from 33 sites) at the time of last glacial maximum shows that coniferous forests covered extensive areas of the land. Boreal
  • A tropical evergreen forest site with perched water table, Magdalena valley, Columbia. Biomass and bioelement inventory of primary and secondary vegetation
  • Effects of clearfelling and slash-burning on water yield and storm hydrographs in evergreen mixed forests, Western New Zealand in The influence of Man on the hydrological regime with special reference to representative and experimental basins.
  • The A. assesses the degree of change in the Buenavista paramo dominated by dwarf bamboo, evergreen shrubs and herbs. Early written descriptions are contrasted with modern observations and repeat photography taken between 1949 and 1985 show
  • remarkable stability of this vegetation, quite in contrast with the oak forests at lower elevations. - (DWG)
  • The structural formation of the Wuyi mountains, Fujian province, is outlined. Together with the natural cover of sub-tropical evergreen broadleaf forests, the lanscape offers many scenic spots of natural beauty. Seven sub-regions are recognized
  • Arkhangelsk ; Erosion ; European part of Russia ; Evergreen forest ; Forest ; Lake ; Marl ; Moraine ; Moss ; Taiga
  • China ; Evergreen forest ; Forest ; Subtropical zone ; Yunnan
  • Cuba ; Ecosystem ; Evergreen forest ; Forest ; Geocomplex ; Geosystem ; Landscape dynamics ; Mountain ; Tropical zone
  • The objectives were to determine the soil organic carbon (SOC) content and forms of Andosols under evergreen forest vegetation (laurel and heather forest), and to determine the role of different forms of SOC in aggregate stability and resistance
  • Assessing natural and cultural determinants of urban forest quality in Nanjing (China)
  • Biogeography ; China ; Environmental management ; Forest ; Forestry ; Habitat ; Impact ; Jiangsu ; Regression analysis ; Tree ; Urban environment ; Vegetation
  • performance was related to land cover. Exotic and evergreen species grew better than indigenous and deciduous, offering hints on species-habitat matching. Detailed field and statistical analyses could yield tree-environment information to enhance urban
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Bioclimatology ; Biogeography ; Coastal environment ; Deciduous forest ; Evergreen forest ; Forest ; France ; Heathland ; Mediterranean area;Mediterranean region ; North-East Atlantic Ocean ; Oak woodland ; Peat bog ; Phytosociology
  • Coadaptation entre rythmes de fructification et frugivorie en forêt tropicale humide du Gabon: mythe ou réalité. (Coadaptation between fruiting periodicity and frugivory in a Gaboon rain forest: myth or reality)
  • Fruiting patterns were studied for a year in lowland evergreen forest at Makokou, Gabon. The results are compared to those reported for other tropical rainforests. Although the AA showed in a simultaneous study that there are broad suites
  • Cocoa ; Coffee ; Ecotourism ; Equatorial forest ; Evergreen forest ; Forest ; Plantation ; Population growth ; Sâo Tomé e Principe
  • and evergreen forests. The highest productivity and biomass were observed in dry evergreen forests and the lowest in paddy fields. A vegetation greenness model was developed from correlations between NDVI and meteorological data using linear regression