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  • Comparison of the marine oxygen isotope record, the eustatic sea level record, and the chronology of glaciation in the United States of America in Quaternary glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Ob evstaticeskih kolebanijah urovnja okeana i ih prognozirovanii. (On the eustatic fluctuations of the ocean level and their forecasting)
  • Modern eustatic fluctuations of the ocean level and long-term changes of world water budget components are considered. Possible mechanisms of anthropogenic changes of the level in the future are discussed. An assumption is made on the atmospheric
  • feeding of the Antarctic ice sheet as a basic factor of eustatic changes of the ocean level during the nearest several decades. Versions of simple statistical forecasting the eustatic fluctuations of the ocean level are presented. (L'Ed.).
  • Climatic warming ; Coastal dynamics ; Earthquake ; Eustatism ; Glacio eustatic change ; Global change ; Ice sheet ; Model ; Quaternary ; Sea level ; Tsunami
  • This report cannot attempt to review all that has been written on sea level in the last one or two years. Instead, it examines the extent to which it has been possible to reconstruct or explain the past pattern of truly global (eustatic) sea-level
  • Hominid migrations and the eustatic sea level paradigm: a critique in Quaternary coastlines and marine archaeology: Towards the prehistory of land bridges and continental shelves.
  • A computer-assisted analysis of 3,700 radiocarbon dates related to sea level shows that the shape of the earth has changed significantly through time. The lack of a stable datum prevents to measure absolute eustatic fluctuations. (P. A. Pirazzoli).
  • Eustatic cycles and tectonics in the Cretaceous shallow Tethys, Central-Southern Apennines
  • Appennino ; Carbonate rock ; Cretaceous ; Eustatism ; Geomorphic cycle ; Italy ; Platform ; Regional geology ; Stratigraphy ; Tectonics
  • Carbonate platforms bordering the Tethyan margins carry a distinct periodic signal that can be related to Jurassic-Cretaceous climate and eustatism. They yield a rich archive of information, including the tectonics affecting the platforms
  • Alte Meeresstände an Küsten des Atlantischen Typs und die Meeresspiegelkurve seit dem Oberen Miozän. (Ancient sea levels on coasts of Atlantic type, and the amplitudes of eustatic movements since upper Miocene)
  • to be in harmony with the eustatic rhythm which would seem to indicate a prevalence of eustatic causes over climatic changes and orogenic or isostatic crustal movements.
  • Climatic variation ; Coastal environment ; Europe ; Eustatism ; Marine quaternary ; Marine transgression ; Northwestern Europe ; Sea level
  • It is shown that there is a good relation between periods of warm climate and rise of sea-level. However, the quantitative relationship is not fully established. In areas with land uplift such as Scandinavia and Finland the eustatic transgressions
  • Acoustic facies and seabed features of the mixed carbonate-siliciclastic deposits of the last eustatic cycle in the La Maddalena Archipelago (North Sardinia, Italy)
  • A high-resolution Chirp acoustic survey of 250 nautical miles performed in the La Maddalena Archipelago provided a scheme of the acoustic facies of the recentmost sediments and a frame of the large-scale bedforms linked to the last eustatic cycle
  • Late Quaternary buried lagoons in the northern Campania plain (southern Italy) : evolution of a coastal system under the influence of volcano-tectonics and eustatism
  • Campania ; Coastal plain ; Eustatism ; Ignimbrite ; Italy ; Palaeogeography ; Pleistocene ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy ; Tectonics ; Volcanism
  • Glacio-eustatic control of continental-shallow marine cyclicity from Late Quaternary deposits of the Southeastern Po Plain, Northern Italy
  • Foraminifera ; Glacial features ; Glacio eustatic change ; Interglacial ; Italy ; Palaeo-environment ; Palynology ; Plain ; Po ; Quaternary ; Sea level ; Sedimentology ; Stratigraphy
  • Calabria ; Coastal environment ; Glacio eustatic change ; Italy ; Marine terrace ; Neotectonics ; Pleistocene ; Quaternary ; Sea level ; Vertical movement
  • Marine terrace flights resulting from the interaction of Quaternary glacio-eustatic fluctuations and tectonic uplift are a typical feature of the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria in Southern Italy; in particular a terrace flight with four orders
  • Coastal environment ; Earth surface processes ; Eustatism ; Marine terrace ; Model ; Sea level ; Tectonics ; Vertical movement
  • of eustatic changes with vertical tectonic movements of various rates and styles.
  • Climatic variation ; Glacio eustatic change ; Isotope analysis ; Karst ; Quaternary ; Residual landform ; Sea level ; Stratigraphy ; World
  • , glacio-eustatic sea level history, speleothems and the stable isotope record, relict and inherited karst morphology.
  • of an absolute basis makes hazardous, at present, any precise determination of eustatic sea levels since 2000 B.P. Possible eustatic fluctuations seem not to have exceeded decimetric order.
  • California ; Foraminifera ; Glacio eustatic change ; Isotope analysis ; Pleistocene ; Quaternary ; Sea level ; United States of America
  • The strontium isotopic compositions of foraminifers were determined to refine the age of coastal sediments of the Merced Formation and to evaluate the relation between transgressive-regressive cycles and Pleistocene glacio-eustatic sea-level
  • Climatic variation ; Earth's globe ; Eustatism ; Geophysics ; Glaciation ; Ocean atmosphere interaction ; Ocean circulation ; Palaeoclimatology ; Sea level
  • This paper discusses the effects of and relations between mass redistribution, energy redistribution and changes in angular momentum. Glacial mass redistributions and glacial eustatic changes in sea level affects the Earth's rate of rotation
  • Coastal environment ; Deglaciation ; Delta ; Eustatism ; New England ; Palaeo-environment ; Quaternary ; Sea level ; United States
  • This paper presents onshore evidence of delayed crustal uplift during deglaciation from eastern Massachusetts into southwestern Maine and the nature of eustatic sea-level changes during the early part of deglaciation.
  • Tectonic and eustatic coastal changes during the last 10,000 years derived from archaeological data in Dating Mediterranean shorelines.
  • The sea level changes recorded are the endproduct of a complex interaction of different variables. The Holocene records give evidence of a general glacial eustatic rise, at least, up to 6000 BP, differential crustal movements and geoidal eustatic
  • The old theory of eustasy implied that the eustatic ocean level was displaced up and down simultaneously and equally over the globe. Due to the geoid deformation, however, two eustatic levels are never quite parallel. The present paper deals