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  • Developments in the common agricultural policy of the European community
  • CEE ; Elargissement de la CEE ; Europe ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Politique agricole ; Politique agricole commune
  • L’integrazione europea: verso una geografia comune
  • L'intégration européenne : vers une géographie commune
  • Cultural studies ; Economic integration ; Europe ; European Union ; European integration ; Identity ; Political geography
  • The A. outlines the successes achieved in half a century of European integration and highlights some existing models of a “multispeed” European Union. Finally, he emphasises the cultural and identity challenges the Union must continue to face
  • in order to achieve not only a unique but also a common and recognized European dimension. - (NF)
  • Farm succession in the European Community
  • Potato products: production and markets in the European communities
  • Entwicklungspolitik der Europäischen Gemeinschaft.. (Development policy of the European Community)
  • Report of a seminar discussing the 1982 Memorandum of the Commission of European Communities regarding new perspectives of developmental policies. The nine papers refer to several aspects, e. g. the views of the European Parliament and of the German
  • The European Community's regional fund: a study in the politics of redistribution
  • 1972-1975 ; CEE ; Développement ; Europe ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Migration ; Planification régionale ; Politique commune ; Région
  • Synthèse bien documentée sur la définition d'une politique régionale commune dans la CEE depuis 1972. (MBG).
  • Research themes on the agricultural policy of the European community
  • Bibliographie ; CEE ; Europe ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Politique agricole ; Politique agricole commune ; Recherche
  • Bibliographie sur la politique agricole commune. Travaux de recherche en anglais et en français.
  • The regional geography of corporate patenting in information and communications technology (ICT) : domestic and foreign dimensions
  • Allemagne ; Brevet ; Communication ; Disparités régionales ; Electronique ; Entreprise ; Information ; Innovation ; Italie ; Recherche-développement
  • Communication ; Electronics ; Enterprise ; Germany ; Information ; Innovation ; Italy ; Regional disparities ; Research and development
  • This paper investigates the interplay between domestic and European foreign electronics firms in European regional development of information and communication technology research activity in order to develop a taxonomy of regional models
  • Networks of engagement : electronic communication and grassroots environmental activism in Kaliningrad
  • Communication ; Environment ; Environmental conservation ; European part of Russia ; Kaliningrad ; Lobby
  • Communication ; Communication électronique ; Courrier électronique ; Environnement ; Groupe de pression ; Internet ; Kaliningrad ; Protection de l'environnement ; Russie d'Europe
  • Rappel de travaux géographiques sur la communication. Relation entre structure organisationnelle et technologie de communication. Défense de l'environnement : exemple d'activisme environnemental dans Kaliningrad post-soviétique. E-mail : un outil
  • European databanks. A guide to official statistics
  • Statistical Office of the European Communities. EUROSTAT, International
  • Snowcover monitoring from satellite data under European conditions in Remote sensing application in agriculture and hydrology.
  • Commission of the European Communities. Joint Research Centre, Italie
  • European applications, requirements, perspectives in Remote sensing application in agriculture and hydrology.
  • Commission of the European Communities. Joint Research Centre, Italie
  • Economic policy ; European integration ; Germany ; Regional policy
  • The joint task Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure has been fundamentally transformed since the beginning of the 1980's against the background of its integration into the regional policy of the European Community. In addition
  • to a successive narrowing of the range of political options, the emrgence of a regional policy structure parallel to the joint task with the participation of the European level is notable. The reform of European Community regional policy is the context
  • of the eastward enlargement of the European Union will still reinforce the repercussion on regional policy in the Federal Republic of Germany. - (IFL)
  • African regional integration and European involvement : external agents in the East African Community
  • This paper examines the European Union model of integration and compares it with that of the East African Community. The European promotion of regional integration is part of the notion of a geopolitical mission based on the objective of aligning
  • Agricultural trade within the European Community
  • Guide to the agricultural data collected for the regions of the countries of the European Communities 1950-1973.
  • Supply and demand elasticities for farm products in the member countries of the European Community.
  • The European community's environmental policy
  • A systematic approach to agricultural forecasts 1985 for the European Community of nine
  • A single Western Europe? Implications of the changing division of external-relations powers between the European Community and member states
  • This paper reviews legal sources and court interpretations responsible for progression towards European union in 1992 as a new form of federalism which assumes the existence of divisible sovereignty.