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  • By drawing on an ethnographic fieldwork at a shopping mall in central Buenos Aires, Argentina, this paper explores how retail affects are unevenly distributed across a diverse public, and how different bodies, in turn, affect the mall in particular
  • ways. Principally, it analyses embodiment as an affective experience that coheres around raced, classed, and gendered bodies at the mall. As such, this paper helps clarify how ethnographic research can benefit from nonrepresentational theory
  • 2014
  • Building on research that considers commons through the practices which produce and maintain them—commoning—this article analyzes how privately owned front and backyards participate in urban commons. Through ethnographic research in three
  • 2014
  • and how these businesses approach the knowledge gap between climate change science and business practice, drawing on a variety of ethnographic research methods: (1) in-depth semi-structured and open interviews; (2) participant observations; and (3
  • 2014
  • This article examines both forest cover changes and attitudes toward environmental conservation in the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve in northeastern Mexico. Ethnographic interviews are employed to examine the attitudes of local people toward the costs
  • 2014