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  • Regional, spatial and environmental indicators for an assessment of regional development, structure and potentials
  • Aménagement régional ; Développement régional ; Indicateur ; Structure spatiale
  • Indicator ; Regional development ; Regional planning ; Spatial structure
  • The article brings theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of adopting regional, spatial and environmental data, indicators and criteria for the assessment of regional structure, potentials and development within the context of regional
  • and spatial planning. The proposal of the system of indicators is presented on the basis of the CONSPACE project. - (IKR)
  • 2006
  • Centre commercial ; Commerce de détail ; Distribution spatiale ; Enquête ; Géographie urbaine ; Hypermarché ; Ljubljana ; Slovénie ; Ville
  • Enquiry ; Hypermarket ; Retail trade ; Shopping centre ; Slovenia ; Spatial distribution ; Town ; Urban geography
  • of development of retail in Ljubljana with special regard to creation of new suburban shopping centres are presented. The main goal of the research was to analyse spatial distribution and functions of shopping centres and hypermarkets in Ljubljana. In order
  • 2006
  • Two centuries of mining have significantly changed the town of Trbovlje in economic, social and spatial terms. This is especially evident in the south-eastern part of the town. On the basis of general geographical analysis of spatial, demographic
  • 2006
  • Critical geopolitics understands geopolitics as a set of discursive pratices by which different actors spatialize international politics. Wast changes in geopolitical settings after the end of Cold war have forced European Union in constant shaping
  • and reshaping of new spatializations of European continent. In the forefront of this new representations are eastern enlargement of Europe and shaping of new borders of Europe. - (IKR)
  • 2006
  • , describe their genesis, characteristical developmental stages and particularly the spatial and social consequences. Those mostly regenerate their conflictual potential and are relatively constant geopolitical neuralgic areas. They are the crossroads
  • 2006