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  • A proposal for an equal area maps of the entire world on Mercator's projection
  • The transverse and oblique cylindrical equal-area projection of the ellipsoid
  • Mapping NOAA-AVHRR imagery using equal-area radial projections
  • The advantages of registering NOAA-AVHRR imagery to the world graticule of latitude and longitude using equal area radial projection are described and illustrated with Normalized Vegetation index imagery.
  • Algorithm 12 : solving the entropy maximisation problem with equality and inequality constraints
  • Palestinian female suicide bombers : equal partners in the struggle for liberation
  • The equal contrast gray scale
  • Research to date on equal value gray scales has produced results that are in disagreement. This may be attributed both to the experimental techniques used and the bounded nature of the gray spectrum. This study employs a task directly analogous
  • to that faced by map readers trying to distinguish gray tones on a classed choropleth map: the measurement of perceived contrast between gray tone pairs. Equal contrast scales of five to ten tones are iteratively calculated using trend surface équation. Power
  • functions are calculated for each of these six equal constrast gray scales and for the combination of all of them.
  • On knowledge networks in science: collaboration among equals
  • Soviet investment strategy : a further test of the equalization hypothesis
  • Gender equality and poverty in Ghana : implications for povery reduction strategies
  • Multi-level governance, regions and science in France : between competition and equality
  • Equalizing regional cost differences in the distribution of state education aid
  • Social equality and economic development in India: spatial structures and correlates
  • Equal opportunities? A review of transport and environmental design for people with physical disabilities
  • The effects of background on the equal value gray scale
  • Remaking equality : community governance and the politics of exclusion on Bogota's public spaces
  • Bogotá ; Colombia ; Community ; Decision making process ; Equality ; Governance ; Public space ; Social exclusion ; Urban area
  • Equality measures and facility location
  • Le rôle de la Commission for Racial Equality dans la représentation politique des minorités ethniques britanniques
  • Regional equality in China
  • Measurement of growth equalized employment multiplier effects: an empirical example