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  • Evaluation of methods for classifying epidemiological data on choropleth maps in series
  • Choropleth map ; Classification ; Disease ; Epidemiology ; Map ; Methodology ; Mortality ; United States of America
  • The research goal is to determine which choropleth classification methods are most suitable for epidemiological rate maps. Seven methods are compared using responses by 56 subjects in a two-part experiment involving nine series of US mortality maps.
  • Localities for epidemiological monitoring and health policy
  • Accessibility ; England ; Epidemiology ; Health ; Health policy ; Indicator ; Infant mortality ; Locality ; London ; Medical services ; Service ; United Kingdom
  • localities for epidemiological monitoring and for assessing inequality are illustrated with a case study of two outer East London boroughs.
  • Kaschin-Beck disease in China : geographical epidemiology and its environmental pathogenicity
  • Retrospective studies with survey data : problems in social science and epidemiology research
  • The epidemiology of primary acute pancreatitis in the Nottingham Defined population area
  • Epidemiology and risk of road traffic mortality in South Africa
  • Epidemiology ; Mortality ; Risk ; Road accident ; Road traffic ; South Africa ; Spatial differentiation
  • Nancy Krieger's geospatial approach to social epidemiology. Forum
  • Epidemiology ; Health ; Medical geography ; Racism ; Social discrimination ; Social inequality ; Socio-economic system
  • Methods of mapping and identifying small clusters of rare diseases with applications to geographical epidemiology
  • The AA. show how clustering may be investigated and displayed in such a way that it becomes a powerful tool in epidemiological research. As examples, they use incidence data from the Yorkshire health region for selected childhood cancers and adult
  • Wartime evacuation and the spread of infectious diseases : epidemiological consequences of the dispersal of children from London during World War II
  • Children ; Conflict ; England ; Epidemiology ; Health ; Historical geography ; Impact ; London ; United Kingdom ; War
  • The geographical spread of the 1947 poliomyelitis epidemic in England and Wales : spatial wave propagation of an enigmatic epidemiological event
  • Diffusion ; England and Wales ; Epidemiology ; Health ; Historical geography ; Spatial analysis ; Time series ; United Kingdom
  • Drawing on a robust method of spatial epidemiological analysis, the AA. demonstrate that the epidemic wave was associated with a pronounced acceleration in the rate of spatial propagation as compared to the preceding years. The velocity of spatial
  • A geographical profile of the South African population as a basis for epidemiological cancer research
  • The contribution and future development of spatial epidemiology
  • From public health to political epidemiology
  • An epidemiological spectrum in the Caribbean
  • Spatial point pattern analysis and its application in geographical epidemiology
  • Cancer ; Disease ; Distribution of points ; England ; Epidemiology ; Geographical information system ; Lancashire ; Space time ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial concentration ; Statistics ; Stochastic model ; United Kingdom
  • Ecological epidemiology : the role of landscape structure in the transmission risk of the fox tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis (Leukart 1863) (Cestoda : Cyclophyllidea : Taeniidae)
  • China ; Disease ; Ecology ; Epidemiology ; Habitat ; Land use ; Landscape ecology ; Life cycle ; Risk ; Spatial analysis
  • The Philippines insurrection and the 1902-4 cholera epidemic : Part I - epidemiological diffusion processes in war
  • The epidemiology of the Liberal Democrat vote
  • Epidemiology and impact of ciguatera in the Pacific : a review
  • Disease epidemiology and earthquake disaster. The exemple of southern Italy after the 23 november 1980 earthquake