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  • Decades of change : contributions of geomorphology to fluvial and coastal engineering and management
  • Applied geomorphology ; Coastal environment ; England ; Environment ; Environmental management ; Geotechnics ; Model ; River management ; Stream ; United Kingdom ; Years 1990-99
  • Major developments in the contribution of geomorphology to engineering and environmental management have taken place over the past ten years in the United Kingdom, particularly in the coastal and fluvial spheres. This paper is not focused
  • A geomorphological strategy for conducting environmental impact assessments in karst areas
  • Aquifer ; Environmental management ; Fauna ; Hydrogeology ; Impact study ; Karst ; Karstification ; Texas ; Tracer ; United States of America ; Water quality
  • The primary goal of this paper is to offer a standard yet flexible approach to karst environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and to show how geomorphological methods can be used to develop more comprehensive and quantifiable EIAs in karst areas
  • Applied geomorphology ; Environmental management ; Impact ; Land use ; Pollution ; Rill wash ; Soil erosion ; United States of America ; Water quality
  • Construction site management, traditionally dominated by professional engineers, provides an important opportunity for engineers and geomorphologists to work together in minimizing the environmental impacts of land disturbance. In this paper
  • Applied geomorphology ; Developing countries ; Environmental management ; Floodplain ; Geotechnics ; Natural hazards ; Subsidence ; Tropical zone ; Urban planning ; Urbanization
  • The AA. examine the range of these cities developed in the tropics with reference to 1) their site-related problems, 2) the nature of geomorphological information required for specific ameliorating actions, and 3) the level of management required
  • for city maintenance. Management requires interfacing geomorphology with engineering practices and urban planning. They present case studies of cities ranging from those with limited problems and possible engineering and land-zoning solutions (Singapore
  • Aerial photography ; Ecosystem ; Environmental management ; Fish ; Flood ; Forestry ; Habitat ; Impact ; Landslide ; Oregon ; Precipitation ; United States of America ; Watershed
  • surveys were used to characterize the nature of these events and relate the occurrence of mass wasting activity to the topography, geology, and land management activities of the region. This paper is based upon an aerial videography transect of the north
  • Applied geomorphology ; Bank erosion ; Ecosystem ; Flood ; Floodplain ; Hydrosystem ; Impact ; Mass movement ; River management ; Scotland ; Stream ; United Kingdom
  • engineers about the value of geomorphology. Areas in which geomorphologists will increasingly be able to complement engineers in river management include risk and environmental impact assessment, floodplain planning, river audits, determination of instream
  • Coastal environment ; Concept ; Ecosystem ; Environmental management ; Geochemistry ; Groundwater ; Humid environment ; Hydrodynamics ; Soil erosion ; Soil properties ; United States of America ; Virginia
  • Principles of engineering geomorphology for managing channel erosion and bedload transport, example from French rivers
  • Alps (The) ; Applied geomorphology ; Bank erosion ; Carrying capacity ; Concept ; Ecosystem ; Flood ; France ; Natural hazards ; River management ; Stream ; Sustainable development
  • to ecology, to resources, and to human interests. In recent years, increased public and management awareness of these problems has given way to new conceptions and objectives in the field of river engineering, among which the goal of establishing sustainable
  • long-term management strategies is of the highest importance. The principles of engineering geomorphology are developed here.
  • Applied geomorphology ; Coastal environment ; Coastal erosion ; Coastal management ; Coastal protection ; Dorset ; England ; Geotechnics ; Historical geography ; United Kingdom
  • This paper describes the coastal feature, explains the historical legacy of use, and examines problems of contemporary coastal management. The Dorset coast in southwest England is used to illustrate these main points. The paper concludes
  • Alluvium ; California ; Carrying capacity ; Channel geometry ; Flood ; Gold ; Hydrosystem ; Impact ; Mining activity ; Nineteenth Century ; River management ; Stream ; Twentieth Century ; United States of America
  • This paper describes fundamental differences between river engineering and fluvial geomorphology, reviews a few time-related geomorphic concepts, and argues for an increased use of historical geomorphology in river management. It finishes