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  • Hydrologic and oceanographic applications of remote sensing in Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management. Volume 3.
  • Geomorphology in coastal zone environmental management
  • Soil loss tolerance limits : an environmental management tool
  • Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) ecology and environmental considerations in the Canadian high arctic in Northern ecology and resource management. Memorial essays honouring Don Gill.
  • Recent trends in the ecology and management of the world's savanna formations
  • The savannas, which lie in the zones between the humid forests and the desert margins, are likely to be the most sensitive ecosystems to global environmental changes incident on such phenomena as global warming and ozone depletion. It is the purpose
  • of this paper to review some of the key themes that are now being addressed in the research drive to understand more fully these patterns and processes, and to assess the progress in applying this understanding to the sustainable management of tropical savanna
  • Environmental hazards and mitigation in the U.S. Middle Atlantic coastal zone
  • in coastal morphology related to eustatic factors require long term management strategies that focus on public responsibility for definitive hazard policy. Human response to vulnerability and risk in the example of New York's Long Island is linked
  • The continuously increasing stress on water resources with respect to quantity as well as quality, the conflicts arising from multifunctional use of the available water, and environmental considerations which are growing more and more important
  • , urge for an accurate knowledge of the water resources and their distribution in time and space. In an attempt to explore the boundary conditions for water management in Flanders, water balance computations are carried out for the Flemish Region
  • Atmospheric management
  • Behavioural considerations in the management of mountain-dwelling ungulates
  • Territorial and offspring retention and other behavioral traits must be taken into consideration in ungulate management in fragile mountain zones. - (D. W. Gade).
  • Population dynamics and horn growth characteristics of Dall Sheep (Ovis dalli) and their redevance to management in Northern ecology and resource management. Memorial essays honouring Don Gill.
  • Ecogeographic analysis : a guide to the ecological division of land for resource management.
  • Water development, supply, and managment. Volume II United Nations water conference. Summary and main documents.
  • River basin salinity management via the ASTRAN method. II. Case study
  • Soil conservation and management in the humid tropics.
  • Potential role of ecological mapping in coastal zone management in Europe
  • Management of ice-covered rivers: problems and perspectives
  • Efficient water use in California: conjunctive management of ground and surface reservoirs
  • Anforderungen an die Gütebewirtschaftung von Oberflächengewässern in tropischen und subtropischen Klimaten. (Demands on the quality management of surface waters in tropical and subtropical climates)
  • substances, the lack of oxygen even at slight water depths as well as the often high contents of pathogenic agents and a pronounced thermal stratification in storage reservoirs. Conclusions for the quality management are derived.
  • Valuation and forecast of climatic risks in hydroagricultural settlements management. Methodological aspects
  • Managing wetlands in coastal Louisiana for plants, waterfowl, fish and other animals