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  • Conflicting objectives in environmental management, an introduction in Environmental conflict analysis.
  • Integrated environmental management of development in South Africa
  • Integrated environmental management (IEM) is proposed as an appropriate procedure for developing countries. IEM guides development by harmonising steps in project planning and environmental evaluation.
  • The manager and the environment. General theory and practice of environmental management.
  • Development and environmental management in China and Hong-Kong
  • Marginal opportunity cost as a planning concept in natural resource management in Environmental management and economic development.
  • Managing watershed resources in Environmental management and economic development.
  • Managing urban/industrial wood fuel supply and demand in Africa in Environmental management and economic development.
  • Modeling the energy, environmental, and fiscal impacts of an urban waste management system in Thirty-fourth North American Meetings.
  • Economic aspects of afforestation and soil conservation projects in Environmental management and economic development.
  • The use of multiobjective analysis for comparing and evaluating environmental and economic goals in wetlands managements
  • The economics of environmental management
  • Interactions between natural environment and the forms of environmental management in rural areas in Transformation of rural areas.
  • The management of land as an environmental resource
  • Environmental issues in soviet forest management
  • The relevance of pollution-related input-output models for regional environmental management in Hungary : a critical approach in Twenty-fifth European Congress. Budapest, 1985.
  • Small format aerial photography for analysing urban housing problem in Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management. Volume 3.
  • Integrated resource management. The answer to a socio-economic problem in Migration and identity change in the Sudan.
  • Integrated resource management (IRM) is proposed as a way to rationally balance the use and conservation of natural resources. A databank based on the GIS concept is the central piece of IRM and will make it possible to establish strategies
  • to optimize the long term use of resources, including all relevant environmental factors.
  • relationship. The main focus is on physical, biological, socio-economic and environmental problems of water management and research, extension and training of water users and their participation in making the best use of irrigation. - (PLK)
  • This publication represents the different aspects of water management, such as resource development, critical analysis of irrigation, water management, watershed approach, ways and means of improving water use efficiency and improving cost benefit
  • Analysis of conflicts in dynamical environmental systems via catastrophe theory in Energy problems and regional development.
  • to some elements of catastrophe theory which may be helpful in gaining insight into the future impacts of inertia and conflicts in environmental management. Next, a fairly simple model for integrating natural resources and production will be constructed so
  • This paper addresses itself to long-term conflicting issues in environmental policy analysis. After a brief discussion of the new scarcity and its subsequent potential perturbations of our economic system in the long run, attention will be paid
  • as to illustrate the usefulness of catastrophe theory in economic-energy-environmental systems. The paper will be concluded with a brief judgement of using catastrophe notions in the social sciences.
  • A systems approach to régional energy/environment management in Energy problems and regional development.
  • Energy and environmental systems have become a well-established component of national and regional planning and management. Over the past several years a number of case studies was conducted both in Austria and in Wisconsin| a family of energy
  • /environment models was developed and applied to the assessment of alternative policies. This linked set of models, wich treat energy demand, energy supply, and environmental impacts, has provided long-term planning information to a spectrum of public