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  • Vodni hopodarstvi a péce o zivotni prostredi. (Water management and environmental control)
  • Water management is evaluated as a positive item of the environmental control according to examples of completed projects, results of research activities, planning and legislation. (MS).
  • Environmental management of the Venice Lagoon in Coastal problems, in the mediterranean sea.
  • Evolution of the lagoon of Venice. Environmental management.
  • The possible environmental impact of the anti-Irtysh and problems of rational nature management
  • The microwave remote sensing program for agriculture and forestry in the Netherlands in Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management. Volume 3.
  • Describes a permanent programme of environmental monitoring developed and managed by the Swedish Environmental Protection Board which covers both air, land, freshwater and sea, monitors long-term changes of the environment.
  • . These are used for recommendations of nature conservation and environmental planning and management. (AIS).
  • This report contains a review of the physical geography of Drenthe and the results of the physical geographical mapping. This study is made within the framework of the environmental mapping of Drenthe. The results are mainly presented on the maps
  • Government bodies in Britain encourage conservation management within designated Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs) and sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) through the conclusion of formal agreements with owners and occupiers
  • This paper deals exclusively with river-flow extremes and their climatic drive , the second-order effects of climatic change (for instance via changes in both land and water management) and the lessons from both hydrological and geomorphological
  • research for the policy makers in their use of the precautionary principle (Royal Commisssion on Environmental Pollution, 1985).
  • Urban self-management in Yugoslavia
  • The Kielder water scheme: changing emphases in multipurpose water management
  • The national coastal management program of Greece
  • Coastal management in England and Wales
  • Management centers and location of top management in Belgium
  • Soustava vodohospodarskych uprav na jizni Morave. (A project of water management modification in the South-Moravia region)
  • The region of the South-Moravia at the confluence of Dyje and Morava river belongs to the most productive agricultural areas of Czechoslovakia. The article presents the conception, results of research and characteristics of water management
  • A vizgazdalkodas helyzete és fejlesztése Békés magyében. (Situation and development of water management in Békés county)
  • The study describes the present situation and necessary development till 1990 of water management in the county, summerizes demands and the opportunities and conditions of hydraulic engineering progress necessary to meet them. (CK).
  • Békés megye mezogazdasagi vizgazdalkodasarol. (Agricultural water management in Békés county)
  • Regarding national averages in Békés county the agriculture is the largest consumer of water. It makes the water management very important but another important problem is related and that is the protection of the agricultural lands because
  • Outdoor recreation and the multiple use management of natural resources.
  • certainly create problems in these areas, the managers are not left to despair. The general way of coping with multiple use does not let to threats to the sustainability of that use, be it that details of the management need adjustments. - (AGD)
  • Regional aspects of management buy outs: some evidence
  • Aide de l'Etat ; Aide financière aux entreprises ; Assisted area ; Développement régional ; Great Britain ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Management buy out (MBO) ; Politique régionale ; Restructuration économique ; Royaume-Uni ; Région déprimée
  • Inventaire de la répartition de l'aide gouvernementale aux entreprises selon la formule de management buy out et de ses effets sur les marchés régionaux de l'emploi en Grande-Bretagne.
  • Urban system of West Germany from the standpoint of economic management function
  • Flood hazard management in Britain : a changing scene