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  • Regional seminar on the application of remote sensing techniques to coastal zone management and environmental monitoring, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 18-26 november 1986
  • Management and environmental constraints to rice yield within a village irrigation system. A case study from Sri Lanka
  • Towards environmental management. The Malaysian experience in Developing economics and the environment. The Southeast Asian experience.
  • Extent and source of fire in forest landscape of Garhwal Himalaya and call for land management through fire and environmental education in Western Himalaya : environment, problems and development. Volume 2. Problems and development.
  • Environmental management in rural areas of Thailand in Developing economics and the environment. The Southeast Asian experience.
  • territory, and the programme can be regarded as an example of a survey applicable to environmental planning and management as well as to the standard geological, pedological and hydrological surveys. (AIS).
  • Environment management in India.
  • Issues concerning management of Ecosystem
  • Issues that a manager of environment and society in India may need to handle if the approach of ecology is pursued. The A. attempts to define ecosystem identity, the destabilizing forces therein, and suggests the means to obtain priorities between
  • actions, necessary for managing ecosystem to the advantages of the society. - (PLK)
  • Indian metropolis urbanisation, planning and management.
  • Management of mangrove exploitation in Indonesia
  • Regionalization of territorial development and management and allocation of productive forces.
  • The work of planning the territorial development and management includes (a) national development and exploitation of physical resources, (b) examination of means and methods, and forecast of consequences of large scale works for changing natural
  • environment, (c) comprehensive planning of the location of productive forces, (d) planning the distribution of basic construction projects based on primary and secondary nodes, and (e) management of the environment to strike a balance between development
  • Hydrologic management in Bali
  • Production conditions in Indian agriculture: a study based on farm management surveys.
  • Inundation mapping of the Sahibi river flood of 1977 in Indian national natural resources management system.
  • Ruralization rate and migration balance under core/periphery conditions the Israeli case in Natural hazards management in South America.
  • The utilization and management of land resources in Malaysia in Natural Resources.
  • Problems of Cooperative management in Nepal
  • Water management in early Cambodia : evidence from aerial photography
  • Range conservation and Sherpa livestock management in Khumbu, Nepal
  • Local resource management in Nepal : limitations and prospects