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  • Environmental planning, administration and management in Nigerian cities : the example of Benin City, Bendel State
  • The environmental problems of Benin arise from unplanned land use, and weak development control. A holistic approach is necessary involving both the chiefs and the ordinary citizen. - (EMS)
  • In search of an approach to the management of savanna fallow soils
  • A comparative analysis of savanna fallow soils in the Ibarapa Division of Oyo State suggests that there is no universal solution to their management. Where soils and environmental conditions vary productivity will vary even where fertilizers
  • Farmers' identification of agrarian and environmental problems and some management strategies in Maridi District, Southern Sudan
  • Planning for coastal zone management programme in Nigeria in Marine geography.
  • African cities in crisis : managing rapid urban growth.
  • Municipal governments and city planning and management in Nigeria
  • The government versus management controversy: ascribing responsibility for the failure of a public corporation in Nigeria
  • Managing public commercial enterprises in Nigeria : the case of Kwara State commercial parastatals
  • The management and administration of parastatal organizations for the promotion of indigenous enterprise: a West African example
  • Appropriate technology and public policy: the urban waste management system in Cairo
  • Natural resource management for stable industrial development in Nigeria
  • Production effects of improved management practices in East African cattle grazing systems
  • Cattle productivity is low in East African cattle grazing systems, and uncontrolled communal grazing is a major reason. Four low-cost, improved management practices are evaluated for a representative livestock village herd in two rainfall regions
  • Farm management handbook of Kenya. Vol. II. Natural conditions and farm management information. Part A, West Kenya| Part B, Central Kenya| Part C, East Kenya.
  • A Comparative study of land degradation in Baringo and Machakos Districts, Kenya in African Resources. Volume 2. Management.
  • Self-help planning construction and management in a site and service project in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Management of industrial location through public infrastructure development: the Nigerian experience
  • Conservation management implications of vegetation changes in the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve from 1937 to 1975 in Proceedings of International Conference on operations research in resources and requirements in Southern Africa.
  • Vegetation changes in the Reserve have been quantified using 1937, 1960 and 1975 aerial photographs, and related to management history. Intensive woody plant removal operations and controlled burning applications have not been effective in retarding
  • Property rights and rural resource management : the case of tree crops in West Africa in Systèmes de production agricole en Afrique tropicale.
  • Some geographical aspects of resource use and management in the arid and semi-arid zones. II.: The case of the Sahel